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Recent content by pharaohyami5000

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    What can Bea offer as Ash's main Galar rival?

    I must remind, we have a Rock gym leader (guess who it is) who can withstand an opponent's Hydro Pump. Hurricane? Bea's Pokemon can probably go air surfing on that thing.
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    Review JN046: Battle and Catch! The Revival of Mewtwo

    Well, considering Pikachu's defenses, even with the supposedly "improved stats" since XY... yeah. Man, why they didn't put the improvement on its speed instead, I will never know.
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    Have you watched every episode?

    No. Because the 3 banned episodes of that one AG episode and the two parter BW episodes are refused to be aired, outside of their previews. I also never seen all those Pikachu shorts, since... I don't know. From Kanto to Sun and Moon, including movies, I have watched. Journeys, small bits, but...
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    Review JN039: Satoshi VS Saitou! Conquer the Octopus Hold!!

    From watching the VS Chuck gym battle again in the GS series, Poliwrath survived Pikachu's Thunderbolt and the fighter slapped the mouse to finish it. It's pretty enduring. Man, where's Chuck's wife at? Don't think she'll approve of that much bakery stuff, even with guests around.
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    Preview JN037: I'm Back, Nice to Meet You, Alola!

    Episode. Hey, episode. Episode. Please have Ash hold the baby. I wish to see him cradle the next Pokemon Master/Royal Mask.
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    Controversial opinions

    Before we can consider Gou's Gym battles, can we see that VS Karate Master battle? Sun and Moon can give us 2 episodes of 2 perspectives happening in the same time, why can't Journeys do the same for this? I'd like to see Ash rematch against Sabrina and Agatha at the very least.
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    Controversial opinions

    But do the Gym Leaders need to be at their respective gym to have these battles? Why not just spread the Galar Gym Leaders around the world and fight there? To add in more, how about Ash VS Marlon, Drayden, and (for god sakes) Giovanni?! Give us those proper battles for the Journeys series, please.
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    Did fanon ever name Lana's mother?

    What's baffling to me is that Lana's mom's Japanese voice actress is... unknown. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Lana%27s_mother I don't think I've ever came across voice actors addressing themselves as N/A. Has this happened before with other VAs or actors/actresses in general?
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    Controversial opinions

    Agreed. Plus, Ash and Dawn train with each other, constructing a high level of trust within. It's even evident in Best Wishes from Dawn's short stay. I've not seen much of Journeys yet, but the Rocket Gachat is a neat idea, just to provide some unexpected muscle. I like it to just spit out...
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    Music An Explanation For Why Japanese Tracks Are Replaced In The Dub

    Would it cost more to transfer most media, other than the language, towards over the border of the creator's realms? Like, keeping the music and animations as is while the speaking roles are replaced. Also, I do wonder why most of the previous music since Best Wishes series began are not used...
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    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    Ah, that's right! Thanks for the correction. Yeah, I had the 4 Tapus in my mind, when I wrote that.
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    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    If I recall, don't the Terrains boost power to 30% for Sword and Shield? I remember 50% was for Sun and Moon, the game where terrains began. I hope Crown of Tundra grants better moves and have more Pokemon to expand on their movesets. Kyurem still stuck with Icicle Spear and the 2 turn Ice...
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    Your least favorite traveling companion?

    ... I'm confused on this... :(
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    How should I keep watching the anime?

    Correction: Only Orange Islands, Johto and Advance Generation (and Journeys) needs subs. The rest are done.
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    From an out of universe standpoint, why do you think Ash won the Alola league?

    I suppose if Sun and Moon stuck with the status quo of Ash losing Alola League, there'll be even less viewers to watch Pokemon for the rest of the future. Not even desiring to watch the past Pokemon series, which I'm hoping for their subtitles (just need 3 [or 2 1/2] series to go: Orange...