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  • Sure. Just didn't know if someone else was planning to take it or not.
    Sounds like a lot of fun; I'd love to be a sub! I had fun in the SPM Mafia and would definitely like to be in another. Plus, LotR is an awesome franchise. :~o

    Unless you need someone to fill that slot ASAP, I will stick with being a sub. Let me know when you need me!
    Oh, I see... given the amount of subs available and the players needed, you might just have to. Besides the townies that died early can get another chance.

    Got it. I only studied a few parts of his works in high school, two years ago as part of the Ancient Greek class.

    You are welcome! By the way, I see the game has rolled!
    I am kinda relieved I did not join, VERY active Day 1 xD Seriously, that voting mechanic does wonders. Can't wait to see how this will play out...
    Get that hand off from my head, birdlike-username person. I'm much older than you. >:eek:

    [Seriously I'd be just as worried, I won't deny that. I wouldn't design a game with over 20 players at the current situation. I'm too used to that 18-19 setup.]
    You are welcome. LOL, you can't just stop someone from getting killed... if I am that unlucky, just let me sub in again again again again xD

    Oh okay; I am spelling it a little different because it's not actually pronounced the way "Cephalonia" does in Greek, but more like "Kefalonia". Oh wow, Mykonos is a cool place, but these islands are VERY different in their touristic nature xD Thank you :)

    Oh... eh, hope it all goes better.
    I don't feel bad about it. You definitely did nice, the War Room needs new games urgently, we did not have much activity for a while. I know from personal experience how hard it is... good luck there!

    Thanks! Around a week, although I won't leave before August. The island's not in the Aegean, but it is nice xD I have visited Aegean islands too, they are also cool! xD I see, sounds good... I read about you being in hospital recently, everything fine over there?
    I'm sorry, I really wanted to. Think you should put me down only after my return, assuming the game is still ongoing by then.

    I am going to the Greek island of Kefalonia, it's a nice place, but no Internet. Thanks, I'm sure I will! Don't you have any vacations planned this summer?
    The LotR mafia looks like a great game, I just love those rules xD
    Too bad I will most probably be unable to play because of a vacation without Internet I am getting soon. If I am back in time, I might sub later. Anyways, good luck hosting!
    No, I just don't irritate people with slowed-down Skype by dumping messages on them :x

    Just two brief trips, one to a water park and another a visit to relatives so it's not too bothersome x)
    Well if distance was no problem then Australia. It's beautiful, economy booming, strong immigration controls so they don't let just anyone in, and also I do have family in Sydney already.
    But being a Brit, Australia is the other side of the world, you can't get further away :/
    Funny you say that, I do really want to move to the states would miss my family too much tho :/

    I only have 3 slots left to fill and I'm sure I can fill them.
    Maybe I'm naive but I don't think it'd be too much work to host (or am i getting in over my head :/ ) I think I've prepared really well, just need to keep an eye on convos to make sure no ones breaking rules and at night execute all the actions that have been sent to me and make sure I get it right. I've given myself half an hour from one phase closing, to the next starting to make sure I get everything in the update spot on and don't make any mistakes.

    My only concern is somone might turn around and say its too OP for one side or something like that.
    Yeah, life sucks right now, got to revise for a big exam on 22nd August, not really started yet and if I fail it I get chucked out of Uni, but I'm such a procrastinator.
    Also have this problem with housing basically, was going to live in a house, future house mate went crazy, said he was going to kill me, came to my room with a weapon, police did nothing, apart from tell me, dont live there next year, so I have to find someone to take my place in the house or I get charged £4000 ($7000)

    So yeah a lot on my plate atm :/ Running my own game does add to my workload but at least its something to take my mind off and I dont have to constantly think, but he said this so maybe he's... or what if what she said was a double bluff hoping I'd think... lol
    Well it won't be as popular as mine so no I don't mind! :p ;) jk

    Hope you are feeling better. Get well soon
    I don't usually start convos x)

    If I didn't have a schedule for next week (two family trips that would keep me away from any computer, I had to postpone meeting my professor because of those) I'd be less worried.
    That took a long time to finish the game :p I lost some of my mafia game ideas (shamefully I can't find that Paper Mario Mafia document) and that didn't take two years. ><
    But I do log into Skype when I use my desktop, but there are rarely messages to reply to x)

    I know :< 22 players isn't that too big for a mafia game, I hope you get all the players you need.
    Dramatically? How big was the game when you started planning it?
    Hey, you can't me to entertain a crowd properly when I should be sleeping when you're all active and when I haven't been using Skype as of late :p
    That sounds really awesome. Isn't that your second time at a Comic Con? I heard about the last meeting.

    I'd prepare to trim the size down. If I have time during the summer I might try hosting one, but I don't want to make it too big that it becomes inactive.

    I don't understand that part - 'regular game' can't mean that it's your first 'original' game in contrast to borrowing all the roles and simply adapting a theme to it. if that's so only a few games would be original
    If I was there before then I must have left because I didn't want to be distracted x)

    True. Somehow in those games, town keeps trying despite lack of leads, or mafia keeps trying despite being cornered. It's that perfect situation when town does have leads but there's still enough room to doubt the seemingly obvious leads.

    Personally when the host messes with the setup (such as introducing a new role when a player is revived, etc), I don't think those games ended well. That's just me though. There was one case when a bomber was revived with new powers (I don't think it was intended from the beginning) and it ruined the balance imo.
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