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  • Wow, you must have lots of friends that you chat with xD Skype is hardly used on this end.

    Somehow WR1 hardly slowed down to the levels that left me annoyed, even when a fraction of the players were actually busy due to irl stuff like school. I should look into that game more again xD implement a new rule saying if you posted more than five times then you get a new ability, lol

    Yeah, that was what I was referring to. I'd be afraid of ruining something that I missed if I had to do that sort of thing x)
    Thanks. I now have something to do for the next few days. I've lapsed on my reading so hopefully this is the kick in the groin I need.

    I just wish i could get my friends to read these without hearing tl;dr.
    I thought you were using a mobile phone and left it on xD

    I've always wished to somehow prevent the gane from slowing down in the later stages. You know, not when players alll discussed and simply waiting for the update, but when no one seems to be confident to say something.
    That too. If it's that big of a game then you could do something like Mizzle did in his second BMGF mafia but even that's tricky. I'd be afraid of messing up the balance I planned at the beginning.
    That's odd. I thought the status would automatically say offline when the computer is shut down.

    Did you borrow steal a role from an old game again? x)

    There's that cliche that it's always a reviver or a cop that's killed within the first two phases of the game. But it's more annoying when a role you went into some lengths of effort just to make dies quickly. I think I would have cried if the role hurristat or Mintaka died too early without affect the game somehow xD (Well, Mintaka died early, but that role did something even negative.)
    Where did you find that Radish blog? I haven't been able to stop reading their work.
    Funny thing is I've actually logged in Skype a few times as of late, so I thought you were busy. I'll send you a message first next time then x)

    I thought I'd add a weakened version of the vigilante, the type that would simply rid of the target's action/ability entirely instead of killing them, but that kind of gets rid of the point of why a vigilante would exist (adding a method for the town to get rid of mafia?). I might test that later on.

    Now you can't blame me if I were lynched Day 1 for that message, be it when I'm Town or Mafia xD
    How's your health? I hope you feel well soon.

    I think it's one reason vigilantes are not common in small to medium sized games, unless there other roles that can balance that big of a loss, like a reviver or someone that resists death. At least the vigilante can't figure out who's mafia on their own.

    Someone's going to use that message as proof if I play your game, I can see it coming.
    Anyhow if I do sign up for a game, it means I'm ready for anything.
    I remember the Homestuck Mafia. I didn't keep up with the events though so I don't know much.

    The most annoying thing about balance is that you never know until the game actually runs. But really, when a game is active and every player is using their role to their advantage as much as they can, balance rarely becomes a problem. Midori pointed that out in TSR and I think that is true to a certain level.

    If I'm playing mafia, I'd be afraid of becoming mafia >_< It's so stressful trying to be seen innocent when you have teammates in mind. I haven't reached that level of playing yet.
    ...I wouldn't be talking about a host if I haven't even played in his games (I don't remember playing a game that he hosted at least). -_-;

    Games where the mafia team fall quickly from early in the game are not as fun either. x)
    Still good point. Good luck planning 6: It's one reason I likely won't be hosting a large game (+22) again. Not only is it difficult to balance but time to time it became difficult to track everything DX lazy
    Eh, at least one of the hosts was a fair person -_-;

    You could have a five-man mafia team and let a couple of them have strong roles. Whenever one or two mafia players have actions (rather than passive abilities) that have no limited use for the game, mafia team overall becomes strong (and even unexpectedly overpowered).
    Rumors that he is a terrible person, like he'd torment whoever the host is when he's playing a mafia game :/

    Haha lol, that's good to hear.

    Wow, you're planning a lot for that game. I haven't hosted a game relying on the theme that heavily; as in that I'd need to research just for the updates xD I did look up quotes when planning the roles for the first TWR mafia but the updates were written on a whim.
    The role was okay, I dunno about the person though.

    Aw yeah, it becomes complicated when that happens xD You get a new idea but you'd need to rewrite everything so you wonder if you should give up the new idea or make a new game x)
    It's what happened to one of the games, but in a good way; I thought I wouldn't be able to finish it but I was able to xD

    How's the writing roles going? Writing role PMs is just as much work as making the roles imo.
    Impossible as in unpredictable ones? One or two, given that they have fair balance, make the game fun and unique xD Though it became broken because of the person that got it, that hurristat role was fun and worth the try x)

    I wouldn't mind too much, some really cool roles are tricky to fit into a mafia game x)
    Eh, I'm not sure if I want to return to mafia game mode with one of your games because I'm afraid that I'll get a horrible role :p
    Serious reason - I'm really afraid that I'll mess it up, lol x) And I want to host first to get to know the crowd before playing the game.

    Continue inventing, not stealing :p
    Despite all the stuff going here and there, and friending each other on Skype, we never managed to do it here. Up for it?
    Eh, I don't know if I'll ever get to fill those Town roles we needed for Paper Mario mafia xD And the Choice Mafia, I might try it again later on. I recall that I noticed an error somewhere or maybe just felt lazy You can go ahead and host that Paper Mario Mafia if you can finish the roles. I'll watch :p
    And make your own roles, lazy!
    Yes, Zenax created a role about Merlee. That's ironic now that you mention it, haha. He was awfully lucky that Merlee wasn't among the already written roles, I'd have added her since she plays a critical role in her chapter.
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