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  • Thank you for the effort, I've made quite a lot of the changes you suggested and tweaked some others :)
    Hey Phoenicks, just spoke to Team Gaara it seems I am still having a problem with the PM function, can you just confirm/deny whether you received my PM listing the provisional roles or not.
    Lol literally just sent them off you, then saw I had a new visitor message and it was you asking about them.
    Great minds really do think a like :D
    there you go again, you don't have to succeed in everything XD
    Yeah, that one flip changed everything. I don't think anyone can blame the town for assuming that such role wouldn't exist.
    True. I forgot about the lucky doctor. The game could have ended earlier if it wasn't for those.
    I didn't even consider that possibility. That's rather funny when you had mentioned Hellion in this convo.
    It was either Zexy or Human for me, but I based my guesses too much on logical situations. I overlooked the 'power roles' too much. Even sharkshocker (?) turned out to be town.
    Oh okay, they did have a godfather along with the framer. Even if the town did have Jack of all trades (which they didn't), that would be too difficult to beat.

    Lynch conversion, as in the converter they had?
    I demand copyright D:<

    Aw, I never considered faker an option. But I don't recall players sending info to Zenax, he did come up as Mafia in check after all. Town did have a back-up cop; I was wondering if the host had Town overpowered. Seems I was wrong.
    Time to time I look back at the threads and I'd think 'Wow, we really didn't know mafia games back then' because some tricks, I don't think we'd fall for them again now that we've experienced more mafia games.
    yeah yeah I'm talking about when we shared our QT in BMGF II, I don't even know
    There'd be more stories related to hosting a game as well. x)
    Did you type that up yourself? Google Translate refuses to translate it properly x)

    The list sounds like a great idea to me. I'd have some great contributions too like when I killed two teammates and nearly a third one in BMGF II. x)
    I'd ask the staff about the idea. TWR could always help a thread like that which can remind the players about their fun stuff, and also show the new ones that these games can be fun despite how stressful they can get xD
    Ok I''ve got them written out in note form already, I'll just put them in full sentences so that they can be read by ordinary people lol and send them over to you.

    And thanks for agreeing to this :D
    Ok so it's going to be based on that. I've got 16 characters, and I've assigned allegiance and ability's accordingly. I just need an experienced player to read them and see if they are balanced or not. There are some roles which are quite powerful, but then I've tried to balance them out with a big weakness or put an equally powerful counter on the other side. So I just need someone to work with to check through them and maybe suggest edits, power ups, power downs anything etc.

    And my question was if you can ban things like nameclaiming, screenshotting etc, can you ban roleclaiming? The show is based on the premise that the Town of Storybrooke is actually filled with fairy tale characters who have been trapped in our world in this town and had their memories wiped of everything, and just think they are ordinary people. Obviously in Mafia, people do actually need to be aware of their roles but can you limit them from sharing these with each other?

    Also can you ban words, to me the word scum is really really offensive, maybe it carries more weight in England than the US, but here it's quite a harsh comment, reserved for if you someone you really really hate. It's used in conjunction with things like Nazis, fascists and pedophiles.
    Or speak a bit of French when you're calling the Canadian side :p

    Yeah, he can't be dead right? x)

    Sure, I'm interested. there needs be an academic journal just for mafia games
    Remember that you'd need to call the Canadian and Australian services since they don't live in US :p

    I thought I saw the word Cleaveland somewhere. xD But I don't know, I just realized that the president's surname was spelled without that a.

    Eh, you have lots of info so you can get this mess figured out x) It's that all or nothing situation - if you get any one mafia player, the rest of the team will fall.
    Yes, jda95 is the other xD

    Eh. : P why did I think that there was an a before that v, my English is getting shabby
    If it has a Starbucks at every at least three blocks then I'm all in : P

    All right, all right, prepare for laughter then. xD
    I knew Zenax would be a poor Bulba dad. (The last time I checked I was female. -_-)

    Likely in Korea. It's more difficult to find one abroad xD

    Eh, more of, I'm lost and I don't feel confident about what to say about that game anymore XD
    ...as long as it was at least part compliment then I guess I'll let it go xD Plus your Bulba father seems to have forgotten about you anyway :p

    Thankfully I was accepted for a joint program so I'd save a year or even two. I'm expecting four years but it's alright; getting a job is just as difficult and time-consuming :(

    About the game, I cannot talk it in depth but I can say for one thing, it's keeping my fingers crossed. I had made some guesses while reading the game but they turned out to be all wrong xD
    ...was that a compliment or a half-complaint at your Bulba aunt xD
    If I ever get a chance to then I certainly would! :> I hope that I would be able to study in US for a year or two, such as when I'd take my post doc program. I plan to study here till I get my Ph.D. however - it is a difficult process to earn one's Ph.D. in a foreign country nowadays and even not recommended.

    I'm not 'shippable' :p
    Eh Bulba Brother is always yelling at me for no reason sometimes so it's nothing new :p
    Michigan has a good faculty in biology imo. I recall there was one or two professors there that wrote good textbooks - a couple textbooks my school used were written by them. Yato also studied there for a year and told me that she enjoyed the studies.

    Oh, you're currently a sophomore?
    (When did it sink? :p) And please, Mintaka ship had retired :p
    I've wanted to become a professor teaching microbiology or virology (it's my favorite study in biology). The lab I am assigned to specializes in synthetic biology so it's a form of advanced bioengineering that would require knowledge of other fields. Hence I'm reading organic chemistry books before entering graduate school eh chem ><

    I thought you'd choose something like economics or law for college xD That sounds nice! (You can't blame me if I type 'oh I ship you two' now xD)
    Is programming included in computer science? I've always wondered if there's a difference between coding and programming.
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