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  • Sure I can help out =D I was in your position with the Gay Marriage thread, and several of the others called me a bigot/homophobe. One card you can play is that Medicare is about to go bankrupt. <.<
    There are parts of the original progressive movement I agree with (Child labor laws, basic work safety laws, and food safety laws), it just seems to get out of hand these days. Reagan tried his best, there are probably still others like him in this world.
    I too support small government, but not at the expense of state and local autonomy. To me, the higher up a person goes in government, the less connected they are. The founding fathers of America did the right thing in telling what was needed at a minimum for the federal gov, instead of setting in stone what was needed and making it hard to adjust. But that's just my opinion =D
    I'm conservative, but I vote for who I believe will get the job done and who has the most experience for the job. No one is perfect, we're all human at the end of the day =D
    Didn't want to derail the PETA thread anymore than necessary, but yes I supported Bush =D I have a picture of him framed >.> Courtesy of the local Republican Party!
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