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  • Just for the record, back in Florida for a short while. This area is still as stuck in the 90s as ever.
    That is so awesome. How am I going to get the berry from you? I will be on PGL today around 6EST. I can get it from your share shelf or you can put it on mines. We just have to make sure we get it around the same time or someone else may get it. We also should become Dream Pals. Is there a way to search?
    My PGL name is The Boy. I think you had to do at least ten battles to get the berry. Hopefully it's just delayed.
    It will probably take a few days, and I have exams, but when that's over, perhaps we can arrange a random trade so you can search me in Game Pals if you haven't found someone else with a Micle Berry in the mean time.
    It turns out that I do, in fact, have a Micle Berry. I'm going to start growing it and just offer it on my share shelf.
    That's what a Micle Berry is? I've just been avoiding share shelves that had them since I didn't think they were important....how wrong I was. Though I may have already taken at least one Micle berry during my share shelf binging...not sure. I'll have to wait later tonight to see.

    But yeah, Join Avenue + Lucky Eggs really made my Pokemon overleveled.
    Well, okay, Micle Berries can be used for making a big move in a battle as they essentially act as the move Lock On to any attack move except OHKO moves. what I want them for is the fact that with a certain Maid in route 5, the Lansat, Starf, Enigma, Micle, Jaboca, Rowap, and Custap Berries sell for essentially the same amount as selling a Big Nugget to the Ore Collector in Icirrus City.

    you mention possibly taking a Micle berry from a share shelf, right? how easily did you find a shelf with one?
    The money is actually what made me interested in it, I didn't care about any berry effects other than Salac and Leichi. There was one island with all Micle berries. I'll try to see if I can find it.
    You mean Magnemite Day? It's been going on for a little over two weeks now. It's a good way to increase Join Avenue ranks, but is sort of a pain when everyone is trading at the same time.

    I'm taking time because 1. i completed the national dex in Black and in no hurry to do it again and 2. want to not speed past friends at the moment. I don't mind teaming up with you again, but competition-wise against other people will have to pass for now.
    Nice, i'll have to check it out soon!

    Making cakes can be both a fun and stressing experience. My first job was at a bakery, so we got quite a few cake orders. The main cake maker didn't really let me help out often, but she always seemed to be rushing to get things done.

    I'm also not surprised to see you blazing past everything in Black 2 lol. I'm taking forever, but having fun because a RL buddy here in Ohio finally finished his team and managed to get another friend to buy the game as well. If you need more people for Join Avenue, add me! FCs are in my profile.
    Not sure what thread you are referring to, but the WW mod formerly known as Misheard Whisper, who I think is currently going by the name Executive Archer wrote a guide to making a table of contents at one point. I'm not sure where it is off hand, unfortunately, but I recommend contacting him and asking about it.

    I had meant to put a guide to creating a table of contents in a more public place. I'll ask him if he can put his one somewhere that's a bit easier to find at some point. You could even mention that to him when you contact him, if you like. It would be very helpful.
    Good to hear from you again, and congratulations on graduating :D the diploma was worth it, trust me.

    The thing to remember about CST is it simply teaches you the basics of repair- just putting "CST" on a resume or application will make most places wonder what you are talking about. While the classes there were somewhat informative, it was all something that you could just spend a fraction of the class cost just buying the internet courses and self-teaching yourself. That, and heard from a reliable source that the technical center is going to probably close down soon eventually (after all, they *did* cancel the pc classes due to thinking they were not important enough), so either picking another school or self-teaching yourself is probably your best bet.
    Just keep reminding yourself that you're in senior year, and don't have to deal with them much longer. As for waiting a year, the choice is up to you. I do advise self-studying though so you don't forget anything, it's surprising how people can forget things once they're no longer in school.
    Sorry what I meant was that I have the game in my house somewhere, but it's in storage somewhere and I can't find it. But now I have the pictures this will really help ^^

    You know I made a PBR character that looked very similar to this one ^^
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