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  • Happy early birthday cuz I feel like it and where have you been?
    Thanks fam, I've been busy with school work and stuff, in my senior year, just got into Uni a week ago, and I couldn't stay long on these forums when almost no news was coming out without it getting boring... Probably now I'll be on more often, but I'll still tend to take breaks
    Thanks for the follow BRUH! Plus my dad's birthday is on yours just saying.
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    Ahh welcome!!
    MAY ELEVEN REPRESENT!! My whole life I've been searching for someone with the same birthday. So far, I've only found two such people (one, before right now)
    Poke Trey
    I've been looking around for the same thing but no luck... At least there are those that come from Canada/Toronto so good enough for me.
    Yep! After I said that, I kind of saw my mistake, both with the username AND gender. It was a girl that either had the username "Pheonix Xion" or "Pheonixion." She changed it to Pheonix, but I haven't seen that user active in a while. I'm sorry for the confusion.
    Say your username looks familiar. You don't happen to have belonged to KHInsider at one point, do you?
    My rad powers should have been able to stop your regenerative powers! Am I so below yo that my powers had no effect?! Curses, I've been foiled!

    As for me, I'm pretty good. I'm just around some places, I mostly hang out at GameFAQs, I have less of an interest in Pokemon and even video games, so I main the social boards. I'm still a gamer at heart, so when there's a new game out that I really like, I'll discuss it.

    And I have no idea what fanfic you're talking about, must be some other guy.
    REALLY? Because when they First Revealed ORAS, U were REALLY EXCITED, and U would Talk about it with Me and Team Gaara LOL
    I haven't found any luxio yet but I intend too. I just wanted to check and see before I started. I shall acquire The friend code and begin the search! Wish me luck!
    No luck in the riolu search however... question! I found some one with a luxio friend safari. What if I find 2 luxio male female, perfect stats needed, breed for good all stats shinx then breed for ability Later? Guess that means I'd have to breed 2 perfect uv shinx and then breed for ability. Its a bit backtracky I think...what do you think?
    Ok. thanks I'll remember that. Thank you for all your help and advice. I'm pretty sure I have this hack thing down now. I'll lett you know when I have da baby shinx.
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