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  • Oh no! I understand that perfectly! And (depending on how soon I can catch the necessary) that plan is way easier to follow and use. Mmm... if I can find 2 Undiscovered baby pokes raise and breed them (2 destiny knots, 1 each) then breed that baby with one of my "can't be beat "stat females awesome baby! Ok gotta little more work to do but that works just fine with me. Thanks Phoenixon!
    Also I got the instructions that you left me down pretty good. What's the shot cut method you were going to tell me about?
    Hey! Even if I was younger I know I'd still be having problems! (Not a good thing I know but whatev's) It's my first time breeding for stats. Ever. I usually just played the game itself al the e way through, tried to catch them all, did some tournaments, ya know? Just enjoyed the game. Breeding seemed complicated to me and since I was mostly in-gaming I didn't see a reason to try. But now I'm online more and battling more...and losing lots. I know the reasons why and I at least wanna be a decent trainer fighting online. So I'm trying something new, I'm gonna breed. Thanks for the advice. Im gonna go try now and see what happens. (I hope I do this right this time)
    Hey there! Young grasshopper is failing at breeding. You commented on my "breeding for dummies" blog and I'm having the worst luck at it. :( I'm beginning to think that I'm just no good at this! Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    I tried to breed for the perfect shinx-luxray, I keep coming up with 1 perfect stat out of maybe 4 or 5 eggs even though I change the parents around. Not getting a good personality either. *sigh* help!
    It's no problem, not any other downers were here either.
    There are enough of us now, so don't worry.
    Not today, but I am making preparations :)
    It is on June 9.

    ... the downing plan works well.
    Υοu know, we don't really plan it. If enough Downers show up, it just happens :)
    Simple! Never again did 3 Downers show up in the same time, Markos returned and Upped us to Upperland :(
    Well, I realized that around the third one and just decided to start them all with "so". I ain't with Jay-Z and Kanye~
    I read your review. It's not really rape, it was a threat of it, but in the end, Carmine agreed to cooperate. And plus she was uncertain if there is actually a child or not. The uncertainty holds her back, because if there is a child, it would be unsafe to run off, as any complication along the way could go unchecked.
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