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  • I got the inspiration from the Frozen movie's "Do you want to build a snowman". yeah, I saw that movie. Twice. But it's beautiful, damnit. But I really wanna see X-Men: Days of Future Past.
    A musical plea for reviews....

    Do you want to review fanfics?
    Maybe give me some feedback?
    It's something I look foward to,
    Cause if I do
    I do not slack.

    Do you want to review fanfics?
    And maybe leave a few phrases?
    I'd really love it if,
    I get off of this cliff.
    Of lack of new faces.

    Le fin.
    Oh, nice. I wish I could get off my lazy bum enough to finish a Pokedex. Good luck with that!

    Ah, I've been to Canada once before. A long time ago. It's beautiful there.
    yeah. I think Twilight started it, but then It got to the Hunger Games and stuff. Keep it to your sparkly vampires, people, you know?
    Hey. I read the review, and man, I realized if my fiction was bigger, I would have people screaming Team R.J, or Team Tyler. Everyone seems to do that if even a Potential love triangle is involved.
    Well, yes there was. I don't remember when I started it, but before I did that, I didn't do it.

    The thing is, signatures are not going to last forever at this state (or sometimes it could be disabled by certain users), so thanking the reader isn't going to take effect when I changed the signature. I feel that signatures could be used for other purposes other than something to end posts by. This is not like Gamefaqs or Deviantart where signatures would sometimes be indistinguishable from real text (sigantures are more recognisable here). Also, it's a trick I learned when some users did that before. I wanted to do something like this, so this is what I came up with. I would admit that it gives me something to remember by, so it seems to be doing OK for me.
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