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  • No Problem but I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DISAPPOIMTED with the Image we got on Saturday, all we got was Groudon and Kyogre coming out of the Ocean, Cool in 3D but VERY LAME being that's all we got
    yep. I would tell you, but the people could read your profile and find out what it was, so then I'd have to kill you.
    if you're interested to try one, there's a mafia for sign up as well. The Kirby Mafia. The Breaking Bad has all of their players, and is the one that is making me wait for my role, and the Phoenix Wright is in progress. I'm in the Kirby mafia too :)
    In the War Room, you sign up, after which the host gives you a role to play. During the game, there are two factions, Town and Mafia. There is day and night phases. during the day, everyone tries to lynch someone. and at night the Mafia kills off someone. it continues until one faction is left. you keep your role secret, and each role has a special power and use them. it's a little complicated, so if you want to know more, check out the War Room rules.
    Hey, Phoenixon! I'm waiting to find out my role in my first Mafia Game Here, and it's driving me nuts. the host said the Role PMs would be sent, but no one's got them or at least said on the thread, and this has been 3 hours since the host annouced that.
    I don't have exams until the 10th and 11th of June, the last days of school for me. But, yeah, you should study up!
    they are. They keep all sorts of sugary food in the house, they let us sleep over, and they get a lot of things that we want on our birthdays. and Aunt Heather always goes with us to garage sales.
    I've been playing Majora. I'm in the swamp or whatever. But soon, I won't need my emulator, cause I can take back my N64, and borrow my Aunt's Majora. She and my uncle play lots of video games, and she plays Zelda quite a bit.
    have you heard of Haribo Sugar Free Gummi Bears? read the reviews on Amazon and tell me what you think.
    Man, I try to be friendly to kids, but I have almost no friends, Mainly because my different behavior and Asperger's puts off a lot of kids. Not a lot of kids who at least try to be friendly actually care about anything I do, and the few people who really feel friendly, my brother doesn't like. But at least, older girls think I'm adorable. Girls in my brother's grade, and even seniors, think, OMG ADORABLE!! Unless they're just punking me.
    well, the post you made was 10 minutes after I left for my next class. Man, just have to get through 21 more wake ups for school. then, I'll go to grade 10.
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