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  • COME BACCCCCCCK ;~~~~~~~~;

    also hi how is the new school and everything else that's super AWESOME that you're doing and how have you been I miss you <3333
    OOOOH WOW! Switching is 1,000% ok, and I'm sure that must have been an incredible adventure of self-discovery! And awwwwh, it sounds like now you're doing something that you really like! and hehe, fate works in crazy ways like that. How do you like the music program you're in? And you must be so talented! Music schools are so hard to get into!

    YESSSSSS THANK YOU! I'm about to go listen to ALL of these - you are SOOOOO talented!! I love it!

    Awwwh Greg, my life's splendid! I've had a fun summer, and now I'm just working at my school before semester starts to earn a little extra money. Going to be advising a group of freshmen for the fall, so I'm really looking forward to that! But it's just been chill relaxing, writing, and cutting up bananas and freezing them. XD I'm so happy you're back!!
    AHHHH! My Internet has been a bit wubbly, but I'll try to get on AIM more! I must hear all about your life!!

    haha, I definitely agree! And I LOVE your posts, omg <333 beautiful way to make a come back! The genius is coming through. So happy you're back!
    YAY!! He lives on our little part of the Internet once more!! <333 I smiled so much when I saw your name on my profile!

    And no, absolutely no worries - real life happens all the time, and as long as you're happy and ok outside of this weird URPG thing haha, I'm happy too! We're currently doing a lot of really big things to make the URPG more user friendly, especially for new players and players not so keen on the battling aspect of URPG. I saw your National Park post about Natures, and I thought you would like some of these changes a lot! And prolly had some excellent ideas of your own, too. It's a ripe time, here! and a perfect time to return!

    AHHH! So happy you're coming back! XD There's a lot to catch up on, but a lot we have to catch up on your busy life as well!! So good to see you again! <3
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