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  • Yeah! Just got offered a job at PF Changs! I start this Thursday in dishes, then working my way up the culinary ladder when I get to know the kitchen better. This is the first job I've had since attending Le Cordon Bleu that didn't seem like a waist of my education.
    Yay I finally found someone with a Ditto Safari. I've added you and was wondering if you could add me back.

    Friend Code: 0834-1774-6902 | Friend Safari: Electric - Electrode, Stunfisk & Zebstrika
    Hello there. I noticed you have a Safari with a Ditto, but it would feel wrong to me to simply ask for it, so instead I'd like to help you in return. Tell me if you're looking for other HA Pokemon, egg moves, items or IV bred ones to repay you for the Safari. My FC is 0447 6644 8531, IGN: Arcee.
    Wanna trade 3DS FC? My Friend Safari is Rock with Dwebble, Corsola and Rhydon. My 3DS FC is 4682-9334-0694.
    i dont have any good iv pokemon because i dont care for ivs much
    also dont have any riolus
    anything else that u might want?
    No, thanks. I already have Charmander for the Pokedex and I'm not interested in using it for battles. Keep that for someone who would put it to better use. If you want to give me something, do you have a Bulbasaur or a Swirlix? There's tons of Pokemon I don't have yet, but these spring to mind as something I'd want an egg of.
    I added you for friend safari!
    My FC is 1263-6067-9967. The name is Jay. Feel free to add me back!
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