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  • I don't know what's wrong with me today lol.
    Ignore my old post.
    We agreed on my torkoal, for one of your feebas eggs? Right?
    Get back to me to confirm and set something up.

    The only place I know is Smogon. I use the Smogon pokedex for choosing the right pokemon parent for the nature that is easiest to RNG.

    I don't like resetting my DS clock though, because it ruins trading with Haley on My Pokemon Ranch, so I haven't gotten into catching perfect pokes to get better parents. The less perfect shiny babies just go into my sale section.

    Ok, got to go. Movie night and they're all waiting for me. See ya!
    I just breed the shinies and hope for the best when it comes to IVs. I rely on the best parents I can get and a perfect ditto. But I only use RNG for getting the shininess.
    That nincada has a good nature for making a shedinja. Some of the IVs would make it a decent breeder poke too.

    Nincada - #290 (Lonely): 8 / 31 / 31 / 9 / 31 / 20 – 23 : Dragon, Psychic 54, 59
    Yes, just attach a rare candy to the pokemon you don't mind getting rid of. (Also, click view conversation before you reply or the reply will go only on your profile and I won't see a notice showing that you replied--I've done this same mistake too.)
    i am ready for the trade
    you should still have my pearl FC
    should i just attach the candy to fodder pokemon
    Hi. If you have time to trade now, I'm available for a few minutes. Otherwise, I'll have to try again Sunday or Monday night.
    Hi, I left a message for you on my shop thread. I'm doing one of my RAOKs (random acts of kindess). Pick a pokemon from my sale section and I'll give it to you. I just need your FC. You can use my Pearl FC in my sig.
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