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  • Poor Universal is suffering from a lack of rides and is dominated by shows. Too bad for me I will never go to Magic Mountain due to my fear of roller coasters with loops.
    haha, dances are silly--I skipped prom as a junior, but Senior year I went out with a bang. Entered in a HUGE pink dress and was runner-up prom queen xD
    high school sucks--people try and say it's the best years of your life. Bull. Crap. xD there are way better things beyond h.s
    Trust me, you're gonna go to college and meet a variety of people you never found in high school and never thought existed. Somewhere in there, you'll probably meet someone who will love you and think you're perfectly normal.
    Noooooooooooo, don't say that. I'll throw things at you if you say that! Too many people are focusing on this idea they need someone to be happy--it's a lieeee! It's a lie! I only just started dating, only just got my first kiss, but before that I never worried about being alone. My big sister is 21, never dated or been kissed yet, she's not worried at all either =)
    Bahahaha xD a really good motivational video is Sam Glenn's Airplane story--tis what I use when I need a better attitude or motivation
    Hahah, yeah--I hated high school, no one was motivated to learn and my classmates treated it like a daycare despite being teenagers.

    But, I can honestly tell you I LOVE college--the professors are great, the students are amazing, the food is better... etc etc. It's awesome. So, just work past your senioritis--get motivated, do good, graduate =D
    I think about so, since I'm halfway through my first year in college and you're halfway through your senior year! You excited to graduate?
    That being said, you might find new friends too. :eek: Take a little tour around the site, through the blogs, etc. It's entirely possible to find a new crowd to run with. ^^;
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