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  • Pfft. Would that apply to Pokemon types as well? :p

    Actually nah, I'm like that too. I get fixated for two to three weeks, go all fangirl until my interest fades. Though the only anime that's stuck permanently was Sekirei cause it's been my fave for four years. xD
    Girrrrrl watch The Hunchback. It's not really a true adaption of Hugo's original novel, but I don't think anyone expects such from a hour and a half Disney flick, and it's good in its own right. ^^ And whoa, better late than never. :p though I didn't see Mulan until my senior year of high school
    That's a shame. :/ Though there are a number of things that could hinder ones enjoyment of it, such as "why would all the herbivores hail a bunch of carnivores as their leaders?" or "why did the lionesses need Simba to start kicking some ass? let's not even get into TLK2 But I tend to ignore them while watching and just enjoy a staple from my childhood. xD
    Aw. D: I hope you get to see it someday! Hopefully sooner rather than later.

    If it's not really your thing, that's alright. ^^ But I love the idea. Even if it's based on nothing but similar appearances...well, that's still better than Misty and her sisters or Ash and his mom, assuming each family is biologically related. xD Plus, world building YAY!
    Iris I like, but I adore Cilan and his brothers. <3 (Being voiced by Mamoru Miyano may have helped that some. xD;)
    No, though I've seen some gifs of it pop up on my tumblr. The last episodes I saw was the two-parter for the Kami Trio. Was the N episode good?
    I've wanted an R/S remake since HG/SS came out. XD Love to see what they look like on the 3DS. :D

    Same here too but mostly because of May in the two spinoffs. ^^
    Karin, Death Note, Black cat, Rosario + Vampire are the ones I'm familar with. Especially Rosario + Vampire since I seem to love watching harems, plus I love Kurumu a ton. xD

    And my faves usually fall into the Harem/ Fantasy/ Romance/ Comedy categories. Top faves would be Sekirei, Negima!, and Tenchi Muyo!. There are others but I've seen sooo many. >.>;
    That's the spirit. xD Gen III FTW! Whoop! Whoop! ^^

    Gates to Infinity is my first PMD game but I love it so far. :3
    We'll find out soon enough. xD Of course May is my top but I also like: Dawn, Lyra, Leaf, Crystal, and White.

    Probably the first one. ^^

    I got PMD: Gates to Infinity. :D
    Yes it does, and that''s why I love it so. Especially when stressed and I need a way to unwind. x)

    And what kind of animes do you like? :b
    I liked that Prof. Oak and Misty came back/the first couple of minutes because "OMT look at all the potential for this special!" but then we got what we got and I was disappoint. (My standards are too high though lol, I should just stick to fanfics.) And let's not even get into the dub. >>
    Those two are awesome too. I'll add The Hunchback to that list, even though it used to scare me as a child.
    TLK fills me with so many emotions. T~T Those parts get me misty-eyed as well. Did I tell you I went to see the play of it last month? Was really impressed by how they handled the opening and ending sequences, along with the stampede.

    "Legend of Thunder" was in the middle for me. I love it for introducing Attila and Hun though. <3 Have you heard the theory of Hun being Prof. Lund's long-lost son/Tory's long-lost brother? I've adopted it into my headcanon. (Fanfic drop, if you want to read it)
    I still love Ash and the rest of the main cast. But I don't care much for the formula and plot of the show anymore, so I don't watch it unless someone brings an episode to my attention.

    No problem. ^^
    PT is definitely harsh in the military. Plus military life has much less freedom than civilian. :)

    That would cool if they did. What are your favorite female protagonist in Pokemon?

    That was a memorable moment. I like the song Pikachu (I Choose You) at the end. Heroes had quite a lot unforgettable scenes. xD
    Oh neat. Sounds like the USAF might be a good start for you. xD

    Best Pokemon ending scene ever! xD She was indeed beautiful. :)

    That's a good one. I'd say the first one or second one. I don't pay much attention to the music in the movies. ^^;
    Being a pilot is definitely a fun job to have. :D My father used to be a pilot in the Air Force.

    I cried too when
    I'll never forget that scene before the credits when
    Those are also good movies. To be honest, I really liked all of them. XD
    I like them cause when the don't go into the long grass scene comes the camera shifts high above so you can see them moving but those on the ground can't
    Cool. I'll do the same when I get internet. xD

    The training tutorials are pretty neat in FS games. :)

    I personally like the DP movies over the BW ones but that's just me. :p My favorites in no order are: the first two, Heros, Jirachi, Destiny Deoxys, Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, and all 4 DP films.

    What's yours? :D
    I didn't like #3 so much either but my saving feature is the same as yours it was like Resident Evil 3's Nemesis both would appear at certain times and both when you didn't think they would
    That would be awesome! My Wii FC is on my profile btw. :D

    Me too. They're a great way to relax while still having fun. XD I would sometimes play Flight Sim X just to kill time. ^^

    There are 15 with 16th one coming out in Japan. The Manaphy one you saw is the 9th one. XD
    I'd say so, even though now that I'm older I see many problems with it. xD Disney was a staple of my childhood, especially the Disney Renaissance flicks. Yeah, that's why I couldn't bring myself to use that username. I'd be just as bad as The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon dub. D:
    Are you a Disney fan as well?

    Giiiirrrrrl I love Chronicles! <3 (As a whole, because some episodes were kinda bleh. >>) All of that potential world building, ended so soon... T~T
    Because people don't wanna watch the show unless they're following Ash, although you wouldn't know it from the userbase on here. xD

    On an unrelated note, your sig is a bit large. ^^; The limit is 600px wide x 160px high.
    I don't have internet anymore (tight college budget). :( I just use free Wi-Fi at school or Starbucks. :p

    I'll have to try Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. ^^

    I finally watched Pokémon: Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice. xD
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