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  • Yay. I have no idea when we would be able to trade, though, If I see you online I'll VM you and ask if you're available and that and if you are, I'll set up my Wi-Fi USB, however it may take some time as it's fairly often very stupid towards me.

    I can't wait to get my hands on a Flawless DW Poliwag, thanks!
    My name was on the poliwag list, I can trade anytime after about 3:45 today or tomorrow afternoon. Just VM or PM me back and let me know when works for you. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Yeah I figured you had no idea because you didn't reply in the thread anymore (and it had been almost a month since the last post before someone bumped it) so I thought you should post something there for all the people who were getting their hopes up :p

    Myself I'll be able to trade pretty much at any time today (it's 11:18 AM for me when I post this so there's still a lot of 'today' left)

    Thanks :)
    Are you still giving out Poliwags? I know your thread is almost a month old but it suddenly picked up popularity with like 20 new posts on it (including mine haha). First post says you have 12 Poliwags left but there doesn't seem to be much action on the thread anymore from your part...

    Just thought I should let you know about that.
    Hello Everyone,

    Just wanted to take some time out and write this message to all my friends. As you all know today is easter and I just wanted to say I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable time today with their families and don't drink too much like I did today. :D
    Aha yeah, it went from Blitzle to Daena to me :L.

    Ah ok.. see I've done two C-Gear RNG captures, but I haven't mastered standard abuse yet.. it just goes over my head aha, I still think of it in terms of gen IV abuse. Hopefully when smogon comes back up there'll be some really comprehensive guides for me aha.

    Cheers for the info :).
    No worries, I think I have your Vulpix now anyways.. it gets around :p. Did you find RNGing the breeds hard? I really want to learn :L
    Hey man, sorry it's been so long, I only got my DS back from a friend today.. I'm good to trade whenever :).
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