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Recent content by PiPie314

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    What are your opinions/thoughts on Pokemon Rumble World?

    The big problem with freemium on the 3DS is that you HAVE to buy via the 3DS eshop. The minimum amount of money you can add to your eshop wallet is ten dollars, and if you only need the 49 cent diamond package...... (Might as well extend my Pokebank subscription :P) And getting good Pokemon is...
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    Pokémon-Amie vs Walking Pokémon

    Walking Pokemon produces weird moments, like your Sycther "Poking at your belly". I'm pretty sure if you touch a sharp bit of a Pokemon in Amie, your hand gets "cut"
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    Does anybody really use the X-stat items?

    The only time I used one was in Pearl, when Fantina's drifblim kept on spamming minimize, so I used an x auraccy (Which I believe wouldn't do anything in that situation.) But hey, I actually hit the drifblim the next turn.
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    [email protected]?

    My (Mega) Latias is definitely going on my wifi battles team. Last battle it survived a ice beam from a Mewtwo, followed by a origin pulse from a Primal Kyorge (Without anyone calm minds. Probably because the Mewtwo and Kyorge had crappy EVs). And my talonflame not having to carry fly is nice too.
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    Usage of 5 PP Moves in-game

    First thing that I did with my Leppa berries in ORAS was plant all of them. Now I have 45 berries and counting. PP won't be much of an issue for me. And I rarely use 5 PP moves anyways. The extra power isn't worth missing.
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    Speculation Looker

    Reverse PMD logic. In some alternative universe Looker was a Pokemon (Audino perhaps?). He was sent to the main series world to stop year aqua/magma or something. The wormhole he was going through failed, he lost his memories, and became human!! Or its just fanservice (or DLC) but the...
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    The Minor Praise Thread!

    I've noticed that diving when flying on your [email protected] increases your speed and climbing decreases your speed. Yay physics!!
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    Your "YES!" moments

    Not what most would consider a yes moment, but.... I walked into the battle mansion, single battle challenge. A random waitress is my opponent. She says: "Aren't you that champion?" WOAH! Hold it! Did a non-plot important character aknowledge I am the champion?? YESSSSSS! THANK YOU GF! Then I...
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    The Minor Complaint Thread

    The whole event where you get your [email protected] seems shoved into the plot. Steven and Latias/Latios randomly appear! They take you to Southern Island, where team Aqua/Magma just happen to be (Did they slip a tracking device on one of your Pokemon or something??) [email protected] wants to join your party...
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    Is Pokemon getting too easy?

    The problem is that most of us Bulbagardeners (Is that the right term?) are adults/late-teens playing a kids game. We memorized type matchups, Pokemon stats, read guides, watch walkthrough videos, etc. Ask a eight year old that's playing Pokemons for the first time and they'll probably say that...
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    Speculation The Timeline (Warning: Wailord Sized Spoilers)

    I don't know if this has been posted yet, (Not reading through 200+ posts) but at the beginning of Δ Episode your dad is watching TV. The music that's coming from it is the music that plays when Folette comes back to AZ at the end of XY. I'm pretty sure that Sycamore says that the parade was...
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    Your "YES!" moments

    (Haven't posted in a while. I'm back cuz ORAS) !WARNING! Possible spoilers:
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    The New Mega Evolutions Thread (MOD NOTE: Read first post!)

    I don't know if this has be brought up (Or if I'm seeing things), but I like how Mega Camerupt has a team magma M on its forehead. Can't find the aqua A on Sharpedo, but it's probably just the angle. Still waiting for more Unova megas (The only one is Audino!!!)
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    Which version will you buy?

    Alpha Sapphire cause Primal Groundon is 4x weak to water. And I have Sapphire, but not Ruby. (I got Emerald first, but I'm not waiting for Beta Emerald or whatever the Emerald remake is going to be called to com out).
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    Sprites Or Models?

    Models by a long shot. They just feel more "alive" and realistic. The only problem is that Gamefreak doesn't seem to be very good at modeling. Hair and fur look like playdough and smoke (From Torkoal) looks like animated playdough. (Or is it that the 3DS doesn't support fancy particle systems??)