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  • Well it's hardly all about the timeline, haha; it's hardly at all about the timeline, even. Well, somewhat.

    Some of the ideas or projects I might post there aren't strictly in the realm of speculation: it's somewhat me wanting to make game mechanics and other elements where they don't yet exist. Take the move Flying Press, for instance. It's a two-type move that conveniently hits every one type as a one-hit move (that is to say it hits no one type 4x or .25x). I have essentially taken that to be a limit upon whatever two-type move is made in the future. That also limits my new system of type modifiers...

    But that's Project Duality for you...
    Hey yuh. I made a new group here, the "Pokemon Professors" / "Theories of Everything" group and thought you'd be a fit member to join and would maybe even more want to! (I saw you vociferously arguing in the "The Timeline" thread and thought your case modest.)

    If you've a "yes" or "no" or any suggestions for changes or topics, please say so!
    I don't even have a 2ds/3ds. I been watching multiple lets plays and nuzlocke variants. I pause the video to read the text. I'm not forcing my mindset on you. I never said i was accepting what you call "bibarel shiftry". I never said your not allowed to be mad. I am just saying you need to chill out and relax. Wow. You only quote things that aren't the whole thing. "It's just a game". "It's just a game made by a large company that wants to make money". If they really cared about a timeline they wouldn't provide large plot holes like this. There is also a plot hole in how every protagonist is 10. The lore should actually provide the "logical timeline" which it doesn't.
    Yes you are. Its just a game made by a large company that wants to make money. The Pokemon Company which created Pokemon in the first placed had a better timeline than Nintendos. I played gens 1-4 and skipped gen 5 cause i didnt really like the anime and didnt feel like wasting money on BW and BW2. I actually just got done playing Blue, Gold, and Emerald and there really wasn't a timeline. The spin-off pokemon games for the gamecube had a Perfect Timeline. I may be biased because the Orre Region is one of my favourite regions i played in but their storyline was consistent. Team Snagem and CIpher gave it that. The thing the main games are missing us incomplete goals. Without complete goals a timeline can't be established. In XY and ORAS they refer to the war where AZ was in which was 3000 years ago. By that alone, it means that ORAS and XY events are happening at the same time or basically in the same Year.
    1. You are getting too worked up about this Timeline thing.
    2. In most pokemon games they have references to something along the lines of 3,000 years ago this happened
    3. Dialga and Palkia should have been the very first 2 legendaries considering they are Time and Space.
    4. Pokemon never really had a general timeline (i do like games that have a good story)
    5. Anything mentioned in the newer games are irrelevant cause they make no sense (besides the AZ thing with the war.)
    6. The movies are actually a better sense of timeline then the games. (even though a lot of lore is missing)
    Pokémon ain't something to get too angry about Piplup xD Masuda ruining the franchise anyway.
    Moral crisis you mean! You wouldn't get your little brother a real present? ;_____;
    I think you should get a Wii U so that I can destroy you in MK8 and Smash.
    Game Freak don't get to decide which Pokémon I should train. Out of the evolved starters, I really only like Meganium.

    Matsumiya isn't replying.
    I'll ditch the starter. I'm thinking of Gorebyss/Absol/Sandslash/Xatu/Vileplume/Ninetales for a team.
    I thought of ? and ?. The latter is a lot less significant than the former, so I think that it's easy to choose.
    Puzzle Challenge is one of the better spin-off games.

    Question 2 is a bit tricky, isn't it? I found two characters that meet the criteria, but I guess that only one of them can be considered "minor".
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