• Snowy finally gets an endorsement from the Champion to participate in the Gym Challenge. Watch here as he learns about Dynamaxing and chases after Hop.
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  • xD I gave you a pointless punishment then!! Hmm, I shall set Manmoo upon you... how do you like that? >D

    Oh God. Pip, are you high on coke again? :p
    Shame on YOU for liking that stupid blue bell! As punishment for such a crime, I demote you to being a GIRL!! And a girly girl at that.

    xD I love Emolup!
    What's that saying about an idle mind? :p

    Well, it's mostly Musashi's pokes (I have no idea why... really! xD)
    I guess I like Habunake better, but only just.
    I love Manene by a mile! Chirean was the most annoying creature ever, IMO, and I rejoiced when it left >8D I'm such a bad fan...
    Lol! No trolling yet, 'huh? :p

    Seriously... I have to split into game and anime (because I love my Yellow team so much...)

    I've visited Serebii 3 times exactly since I first posted here xD No account or anything. I hate the place...
    Are you on Serebii? Because I don't really follow there. I know him best through stalking Bmgf for 3 years :p
    About Habunake (couldn't be bothered to cancel offtopic-ness with something ontopic in that thread :p) not only was he a troll, but he made sockpuppet accounts, to ban-evade I believe.
    Heh, join the club. I'm broke as well. I'm not sure if they have all the versions of it, but I did see a few(The one you'll find the most is the winter version).
    But at least they have Satoshi's Sinnoh Theme. :p
    My favourite is definitely Satoshi's Sinnoh Theme <3. I just can't get enough of it.
    2. Aqua/Magma anime theme
    3. Kanto Trainer Battle Theme
    4. Advanced Adventure
    5. Hoenn Elite 4 Battle Theme
    6. Kimi no Soba versions FTW
    7. All the other Elite 4 themes
    8. A Meeting and Parting
    ..I can't think of anymore :p

    I totally agree with you about the GSC BGM though. Best of all regions (Ingame)
    LOL. So that night has been dubbed "Filler Night"? Haha, awesome. You, ii kanji and Aestivate seemed to have gone crazy( In a good way) with that thread. :p
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