• Snowy finds a Gym Leader lurking in a mine. Watch here as he faces off against Marnie and prepares to battle against Kabu.
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  • Lmao.I know what you mean. I usually just sit back and double over from laughing at their posts. "Misty was the best and she was a tomboy!" "All girly girls must die!" "WE must make a global petition to bring Misty back!" "Ash's Johto team was horrible!" "They can't go back there! Ash must stay in Sinnoh and defeat Cynthia!" "How dare they give that CotD a Torkoal/Squirtle etc! Its such an insult to Ash's pokemon!" LOL
    Haha. Yea, its good to see a person who can post seriously at times and still provide humour(Filler thread, FTW XD) especially in the Anime section, since its usually filled with rants and complaints :p
    Oh Piplup xD I admit, I still think filler night was a bit more entertaining!!

    Are they? I'm trying to think of all the females that aren't Rocketshippers (of whom, btw, only 1 is a guy, lol). I don't think Dana is either.
    Lol, it's a deal :p Weedle I can handle!

    Seriously, Jun better appear in the upcoming eps!! And I want them to have a really fraught relationship >:] To make up for the one we'll never see (though we know it's true) between Shinji/Reiji and Jindai!

    This is actually really pissing me off, so I'm just gonna ignore it :p

    Finally he's come out and said that "Yes, it's actually just my own bias."
    I just meant in general, but mostly translation yeah. I reckon you'd be great at it! :) Just keep trying and working hard DAIJOUBU!!

    Did someone say Jouto hate?
    Well, it is, but it's spelt "bundle" :)

    I won't be too upset tbh. I don't watch it anyway. All the more reason to watch it raw :-D
    No, if it moves to Disney, I'll have to pay for it for sure.

    I'll ask my sister, she might know. She actually watches it :p
    Oh good, I was so scared then about your global boycott...

    I have no idea about this changing thing. I haven't heard about it. It will be annoying if it does, because we haven't payed for Disney (and we aren't going to, too expensive) but I don't really care. Because I don't really watch Pokemon :p Well, on TV, in the UK. That's why I don't know any answers... I hate the dub so much atm, and it's difficult for me to watch (11:00 am, normally I am at school at that time!)
    NOOOOO! Not... a global boycot!! :scared: Please! Anything but that!! We all know how effective they are...

    BTW, my location is London :p
    Wow, that's pretty cool.

    So you have to play the games in English? That's pretty annoying. xD Haha, the fake games are so terrible. I don't live there, but it's the same in India.
    So what kind of things can you do? I know for sure that the army here is pretty much training in fitness .etc. to fight. Not that everyone does fight.

    Ok, so Snake's just amazing xD I guess the internet would do that... Is there much stuff in Hebrew on the net? Do you not get the games in Hebrew?
    The army?! Omg, thank goodness I don't live in Israel o_o I would not be cut out for the army at all...

    Do you learn english from early on in Israel? I'm always surprised at how good you, Snakey and Catelyn are at english.
    Oh noez! D: It's all my fault that you're going to DIIIIIEEE!

    So you're 18 - have you left school?
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