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  • I'm just curious :p I like finding out about people and other countries. I'm so unknowledgeable as I am...
    Tut tut. Not only are you a fan of the EVIL FAKE MASCOT POCHAMA!! you are also a caffeine addict :rolleyes:

    Where in Israel do you live?
    Oh, I already replied to that thread :rolleyes: What a stupid woman. Sounds like she's almost as deluded as certain members of this forum.

    I want a DS too T_T
    Lmao! xD I better get their quick then! So, how's life? Have you heard back from the Hebrew dub people?
    :lol: Your sig...

    (People will be able to read your replies more easily if you press "View Conversation" and then reply ;-))
    Thanks XD too bad I can't do better than ugly paint... but at least I managed to cause someone to laugh ^_^
    Iteru - thanks! I read a while ago about movie 11
    Too bad it doesn't look like we're getting the movies... but hopefully we'll get them soon... it'd be so fun to translate a movie!
    And I didn't really "work" on the Gligar evo ep - I just did it as a test... most likely they didn't use it at all when they actually dubbed it... but it was still nice ^_^
    Just thought you might be interested, Giratina and the Sky Warrior aired a couple of weeks ago on Jetix so hopefully you'll get that and the Darkrai film.

    Also, congrats on the translator job! Cool to hear that you get to work on the Gligar evolving episode (is my favourite). Hope they stick with you.
    Thanks ^_^
    And dman_dustin - I'll try to upload them soon... or find that site who had them but I forgot what site it was
    Congrats for the new Hebrew dub job. i know i should post this on the thread you made but i find this way easier
    I hope your the one to ask (or request), but I was wondering if you had the TV Tokyo Wallpapers from Starmie to Larvitar (and anything starting with Slaking and on, not sure if there has been one yet) because I really would like to get those wallpapers, or if you can't give them to me, could you direct me to a place (like Photobucket) and how to find them.

    And in Calender Months thats July, August, September, and anything after October (since I have that one)

    I appreciate it and thank you anyway if you can't give me anything.
    Never know unless you try. You'd probably get to the mic, speak some words and then realise that it's not as daunting as it first appears and do great. Certainly an opportunity that would be insane not to go for.

    But translating sounds cool as well, especially if it is something you prefer. Plus you could ensure that your dub doesn't get awful added in lines like the American and Minnesota vikings xD
    Actually, I did think sometimes about voice acting... the prbolem is, I'm too shy so I don't know if I'll be able to do it good and I'm also not sure if I'm fitting to that...
    Currently, I focus more on my "dream" to be a translator... which hopefully will come true in the near future...
    Maybe one day I'll get confident enough to try voice acting... yeah right
    Must be awesome to actually help with the dub. Would love to get a chance to do that but then again I can't wish myself to America. You should ask to be a VA for a character or something, would certainly be something that not many other fans could say they've done!
    Thanks, Iteru ^_^ I sure hope we'll get it... I guess I'll be one of the first to know if we'll get it since they desperately need me to give them correct lists of names/attacks and other terms XD and I hope to do more than just that in the future...
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