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  • The Rise of Darkrai has aired on Jetix in the UK so hopefully it will air where you live.

    Didn't really want to just say that in the episode review thread so thought I'd post it here.
    The problem is that all the nagging about the english VA switch really pisses people off because it's been 2 bloody years and people STILL nag about it. The VA ban was worth it, but infracting about talking VAs for other languages (which have absolutely nothing to do with the english VA switch) is a bit silly.
    I agree. I don't think you deserved to be infracted either.

    Heck, that VA ban shouldn't even exist in the first place. The main reason I don't enjoy watching the English dub as much as I used to, is due to the VA switch. I didn't even mention the new cast at all, I just spoke in a general sense. But apparently, any kind of discussion is banned here. If the staff thinks they're preventing flamewars by having that VA ban around, they're not. No flamewar took place during OUR discussion, ugh, that pisses me off so much....

    And it's not like I had a rant about Veronica and Sarah. I didn't base my "entire" discussion around the VAs either, although, I did talk about emotion and stuff.

    But still, getting infracted for talking about VAs is just stupid. Not being allowed to have a fun, polite discussion with people, nor being allowed to post your thoughts/opinions on this forum (because that's what that VA ban prevents) is even more ridiculous.... X_X
    In the ridiculous "anime conventions" here, they never even tried to bring VAs... maybe because most of the stupid anime fans automatically hate dub -_-
    But anyway in Israel it's much easier to meet some VAs compared to other countries... a lot of kids go to dubbing course in the studio that does Poké and meet some VAs there... and I know some who went to watch VAs dub... one time I also went to watch but for a very short time
    Pokemon for the win!! =D

    Random visitor message, I know. XD

    Oh by the way, in February, I attended this year's New York Comic Con. I actually met the voice director of the English dub, Tom Wayland, along with Veronica Taylor and Rachael Lillis, of course. ^_^
    Thanks MetaRobo ^_^ Now they're in the middle of the translation and dubbing of season 11 and I help them again
    Thanks god they listened to me and fixed Aipom to female... I went crazy during season 10 every time I heard them talk to Aipom as a male
    To think, my biggest contribution to Pokemon was indirectly contributing material to Serebii.net's Kingdra analysis. I'm amazed people haven't given you more credit for this.
    Welcome back! I'm so glad that you aren't affected by the war and are able to post here again. I sincerely hope that the war will ended soon.
    I'd like old Poké that only got one proper appearance to get another one in DP
    ONE episode in over 11 years is ridiculous when things like Gyarados show up every second
    I simply think Sunkern is cute and would like to see it again... I can't see the problem here (I didn't say they must do it or something, I'd just like to see this happen)
    But didn't you said that you want at least one proper appearance in one of your previous posts. And Sunkern has at least one...

    I am not irritated. I just simply cannot understand it.
    I simply think it should get another proper appearance... one episode that is over 5 years old isn't enough for me and I think they had great opportunity with Nando
    I also can't understand why it's so irritating to you that I simply want a certain Poké to appear again...
    At least Sunkern has an real appearance at that ep. I seriously can't understand why you aren't satisfied by that ep.
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