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  • I wasn't serious that Sunkern are extinct
    As you said Sunkern had that one Johto episode and that's it... all its other appearance are in the background (and even that is rare)
    So since they mentioned a fossil of Sunkern's leaf in that episode, I laughed that Sunkern are probably extinct now but I obviously wasn't serious
    What do you mean by "Sunkern are extinct!"?

    They exist! Go watching the old Johto eps. There's a Sunkern that Ash evolved with his Sun Stone back in Johto! You count that as background appearance?

    Not being mean towards you but I need your clarification with your standard. Or you simply forget about the old seasons?
    Though I don't really remember what we argued about before XD
    I'd like to know what exactly caused you to change your opinion about me...
    You know Piplup... we had a lot of conflict a few months ago. But in the last while I've grown to respect your posts and arguments. Basically, I just wanted to apologize for the way I treated you all that time ago. I'm sorry.
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