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  • NMLewis continues his adventures in the Hoenn region. Watch here as he meets his father and helps some kid catch a Pokemon.
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  • Well, the difference between ORAS and potential Kanto re-remakes is that the former have been in demand by the fans themselves, for reasons that elude me. Unless a lot of people really want to play the original Kanto story for the third time, I think that Game Freak will put more thought into how they choose to revisit Kanto.
    I've just received the newsletter, but I am not actually interested in the demo and I don't even have enough room for it on my SD card.

    Do you want the code? I trust that you'll give any other code you might receive to someone else.
    I do think that if they decide to release Kanto sequels, they may bundle them with one of the previous Kanto versions for a more complete experience. I just hope that they don't resort to re-remakes.
    I can't say that I care because I still own the games that interested me to begin with.

    Oh, and Masuda seems to be against re-releasing the old main series games:

    Game Informer: How come we haven’t seen any of the original Pokémon games on the 3DS Virtual Console?

    Our focus right now, as you can see with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire being a good example, is with the older titles we like to go back and update them and kind of power them up for the new generation. A lot of the communication features we feel that are obviously core to the Pokémon series, we have to update them. So for example these titles are compatible with Pokémon X and Y, you can battle and trade between the two series of games. So right now it’s just really that the only reason is that our focus is on actually updating the games and doing remakes instead of putting out the old titles.
    I am honestly annoyed that people don't mind taking codes that aren't intended from them. This whole demo stinks for that reason alone (and there are plenty of others).

    Now I need to look for someone from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia or Malaysia.
    Unown has its own location, but it might just be a room in a bigger place.

    Shroomish also has its own location for whatever reason. It's probably the Secret Meadow.
    There isn't much to think about those names, and I don't really care where they place the legendaries in Hoenn. But with Birth Island, Navel Rock and Faraway Island being gone, I am not expecting to see new event locations. Unown is listed in the encounter data for a certain location, but there are no new ruins.

    Those five trainers aren't anything special, as evidenced by their trainer classes. The Battle Resort probably has separate data that isn't included in the demo.
    I still have Emerald and Platinum, so I don't need ORAS for the Battle Factory. Actually, due to the DS Wi-Fi servers being down, I can no longer enjoy the tag battle feature of the Factory. But if they brought back the Sevii Islands and did something interesting with them, I would definitely want to make a purchase, and then we could even enjoy the Battle Factory together. How likely this is, I really don't know.
    I honestly have no interest in completing the Pokédex or training a competitive team. The game ends for me as soon as the story does, although I did like the Battle Factory due to the rental teams I could use.
    I honestly just want to end the discussion with him in particular, but I hate giving someone the last word. Especially when there are so many words...
    I forgot to mention that I also watched Steins;Gate in its entirety, but I didn't really like it. I was curious about it, but that never paid off.
    (aside from anime I'm also watching Supernatural and Legend of Korra, not sure how you'd feel about these)
    I've never tried them. The western shows I watch these days are The Walking Dead and Homeland. I also recently finished watching a mini series that just ended (I don't know if it will be continued), which is called Intruders.

    Is there any chance you'll try Madoka? It's just 12 eps so it's relatively easy to watch it all quickly and it's a very different take on the "magical girls" genre.
    I did watch the first episode, but I don't remember much about it. It felt too girly, but since it's short, it may be worth putting up with for the actual plot.
    The only anime shows I've watched from beginning to end are Evangelion and Higurashi. I'm pretty selective about shows and all things, really. Do I recommend Higurashi? I think you should definitely give it a try, but bear in mind that the first season has several horror scenes, although nothing is too scary in them. The plot is also meant to be deliberately incoherent as it's essentially the "question arc", while the second season is the "answer arc". I was more interested in the latter than the former; a particular character was very interesting to me. That said, I am not quite satisfied with the way the show ended, and I feel that it should have been shorter and that some characters were redundant.

    The only thing that interests me about ORAS (aside from a few Mega Evolutions like Pidgeot's) is the fact that the Battle Tower/Frontier is no longer in Hoenn, as evidenced by the demo footage (you can see all the Hoenn islands and there are no facilities there). Unless Game Freak have sunk very low, this may indicate that a mini region exists in the games. The Battle Frontier facilities could be scattered across the Sevii Islands, which is what should have happened in the anime.
    Yawn. The debates about the potential XY update are wearing me out. Some people honestly like to grasp at straws just a little too much, and I am not sure why I should care when I don't even like Kalos. As long as the next generation isn't delayed, I am not really bothered about what's going to happen with Kalos next year. But I appreciate logical arguments.

    Have you watched the Higurashi anime? I finished watching it two days ago (just the first two seasons, as anything else seems like pure filler) and it would be nice to discuss it with someone.
    Hey, don't want to derail the thread, but apologies if I came across as an asshole or like I was trying to incite some sort of America VS Europe debate. It wasn't my intention and I usually don't do a good job at phrasing myself well. So apologies if I did, I wasn't meaning to cause offence or anything.
    Hey Pip'! It's been too long since we ve talked ;) Nice to see you still posting here from time to time. So many cool users quit during BW :/
    I ve heard you use tumblr quite a lot. May I ask you what you tumblr page is? :) Btw, did you et a 3ds? How about exchaning friendcodes?

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