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  • This is why I didn't want to see her join Ash. I think she should have just received the treatment that Alan is getting, except much more frequently and with actual build-up and on-screen development.

    The writers are being sexist.
    Do you think that Serena will end up doing Contests? I don't, for the following three reasons:

    1. They'll probably be halfway through Kalos by November considering that Korrina's gym is most likely slated for June. Serena winning five Contests would be incredibly rushed given her current development.
    2. Contests being revealed to have been in Kalos all along would be pretty ridiculous, although I realize the writers may not care about that (they pretended that Ash and Brock knew about Pokéathlon from their Johto journey). I see there being an exhibition Contest to promote Hoenn, but that's it.
    3. While there is probably going to be a post-Kalos saga, by then there will be another game which probably won't have Contests.
    Actually, I'd run away from a beam granting eternal life. Not only would I not trust Lysandre (he did get the place blown up in both versions), but eternal life sounds like inevitable hell. I have a hard time seeing Xerneas as benevolent in light of that.
    I think it's pretty problematic to present genocide and its reprecussions in such a meager way. Not only is it bad story-telling, but it isn't educational to kids in that it diminishes the gravity of murder and death in general. Lysandre's fate was treated as a non-issue even though he appeared to have unintentionally killed himself in the silliest way possible. Game Freak must really underestimate kids (who aren't even the majority of players anymore) if they think they can get away with anything.

    This reminds me of the recent decision to teach about the Holocaust in kindergartens.
    Suffice to say that none of the other games have a character like N, which is a shame. I guess that AZ was meant to be like him in a way, but Game Freak didn't even try to do much with that one. His reunion with Floette was incredibly forced and honestly made me sick. I must have missed the part where he redeemed himself for genocide.

    I think that Mr. Fuji could easily surpass N if given the chance, though.
    Game Freak don't need more of your money, so you shouldn't feel guilty about playing an old game that way. And Platinum is just a minor update of a game you already own (I did buy it only because I was in the mood for HGSS back then, so I later felt justified in not buying HGSS themselves).

    You don't have to tell me that "a dramatic story and a spectacular new world" shouldn't be used to describe remakes, but using hyperbole to make remakes sound better makes more sense than downplaying sequels by calling them full-remakes and directly comparing them to old games. I think we can take Satoru Iwata's words at face value, so I don't have any doubt anymore.

    Black and White do have the best plot, but Unova's mythology and legendaries don't compare to Johto's. I also think that Silver is a stronger character than Bianca is, let alone Cheren. In terms of potential, the Johto games could have easily had the best plot and it makes me sad that Game Freak missed that opportunity, although I admit that I expected too much from remakes.
    Officially, only FRLG, HGSS and now ORAS have been called remakes.

    I've played all the games... But I only played HGSS and the Generation V games on an emulator. You could say that I did that out of spite. Ironically, I did buy XY, but only because 3DS emulation isn't possible yet and I wanted to experience a 3D main series game.

    B2W2 may have been a welcome change (as you may know, I predicted sequels), but Game Freak admitted that they weren't originally planned, which really shows. I did not feel that the story went in a positive direction. I really thought that N flying to a faraway region would culminate in something epic, but the end result wasn't even close.
    I think it's pretty clear what a remake is. They didn't even use that word for any of the third versions, I believe.

    I can't feel excitement about games I consider pointless. For the record, I didn't buy HGSS even though I had actually looked forward to them, because they failed to meet my expectations. They made me realize that what I'm really interested in is a sequel treatment which blends an old setting with a new one. Even B2W2 weren't good enough (I didn't buy any Generation V game) because they still felt repetitive and the story wasn't expanded in an interesting way.

    It doesn't help that I consider Hoenn and Kalos the least interesting regions story-wise. This generation will end up being my least favorite unless the next release really does introduce a new region in a way that capitalizes on the Pokémon world's history.
    Hmmm. You know more about anime BGM than I do... I 'm looking for a particular piece. No idea what it's called xD, but in the raw version of the Ash vs Stephan league battle, it starts playing right about the time Sawk catches Leavanny's X-scissor. Halp me pls :p
    Thats ok, im not as active as i used to be around here either. Many fun, inteligent members abandoned this place not coming anymore with forums seeming abit lonely and stern nowadays. But i guess real life commitments and other hobbies might be partially reason behind that.

    Either way we may not had always agreed and got along(but than again who is always in accordance? haha), but i always appreciated your thoughts and respected them being fond of many pleasant memories and discussions we used to have. So i want to thank you for that experience and hopefully we can maintain some sort of contact chatting from time to time if possible.
    I watched all the gym battles and most of the league ( only watched the 1st part of Ash vs Cameron since it was so horrid) and 2 N episodes. That was it for me xD

    I really like Serena too, but I do agree she needs more. Can;t wait to see what other Pokemon they give to the main cast.
    Happy Birthday!
    Good to hear it, hehe. So how are you doing? I haven't seen you in ages, and even rarer i saw you post around here. Glad that your back. :)
    I feel the same way. I love the group chemistry so much this time around! I tired really hard no to give up on BW lol, but I couldn't make it
    holy crap I can't believe its been so long! D: Do you still follow the anime?

    I don't even know if I can remember what Skype is! haha. Time has really flown since I last used that thing
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