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Recent content by Plastro

  1. Plastro

    A question from a forum lurker

    Salutations, I noticed that Bulbagarden overhauled their forums as of late; my question is what happened to the Debate and discussion section about Politics? I don't know who to ask so I post here in this section. I always wanted to debate or glean information about the culture of the forum...
  2. Plastro

    What DON'T you want to see in SM?

    No more power creep that made previous generation Pokemon redundant, but given that having the latest tech is a selling point in most games I would not be surprised if the average BST of Gen 7 Pokemon scaled upwards compared to their predecessors.
  3. Plastro

    Real Battle Strategies if Pokemon were REAL....

    Pokemon have been shown being capable of waging war over territory in anime episode XY069: Defending the homeland where they fought in coordinated skirmishes independent from human command. War was a central theme in Gen 6 where the antagonists at team flare tried to reactivate a derelict super...
  4. Plastro

    Notice Don't be a jerk (and what "being a jerk" means)

    Has the civility of this forum deteriorated to the point where mods have to pin a thread dedicated to explaining the basic tenants of humility? Seen too many forums decay past the point of no return as of late. Maybe this might be useful: WARNING: Inflammatory content below
  5. Plastro

    Things that frustrate you in games?

    Pseudo random number generater or RNG introduced in any PvP setting. It is the antithesis of competition in a game where people are expected to perform based on their merits/entertainment. Being arbitrarily defeated due to luck generated by errant bits of code rather than being outplayed by...
  6. Plastro

    Is Pokemon for kids?

    I came here from Eve Online: a game tailored to older demographics (average age there is 27+). Turns out one of my co-workers who played that game was from Smogon. He introduced me to the world of competitive Pokémon and has made me addicted ever since. In my workplace, the people treat gaming...
  7. Plastro

    What kind of player are you?

    I started out as a casual Pokémon player when the series became popular. Eventually due to peer pressure from colleagues at work I began to drift away from Pokémon for it was common consensus in most "Adult" environments that the Pokémon fad has died down. Due to this, associating oneself with...
  8. Plastro

    Favorite Normal Type?

    For Normal type Pokémon, my preference would also be the Porygon line, specifically Porygon-Z as it has good move set versatility and the innate ability to break through most defensive Pokémon. Since the introduction of Evolite in Generation V, Porygon-Z has taken a backseat to its predecessor...
  9. Plastro

    Contest Contest-of-the-Week: Cradily vs Armaldo

    -Which has the better design? In terms of aesthetics my preference would go to Armaldo since its design seems to be more intricate than Anorith. -Which one is easier to train? I find Armaldo easier to train since his attack can actually damage opponents faster and can save time when...
  10. Plastro

    What Animal is Eevee based on?

    I'm surprised this thread is still going; out of all the forums where I have posted this thesis Bulbagarden seems to be the most civil. Feel free to continue to discuss and debate; I just want to glean the perspective of the viewpoints of others before I reach a conclusion.
  11. Plastro

    What Animal is Eevee based on?

    Greetings and salutations fellow forumers, I am asking for help or advice here because Bulbapedia is seen as the most comprehensive Pokémon encyclopedia on the web by most accounts. Therefore I assume this community would be considered the most knowledgeable on this topic of Pokémon. My...
  12. Plastro

    Rules Bulbagarden Forum Rules - *New set valid immediately*

    Hello, I would like clarification about rule number 12. My question is that I understand that inter-site drama is prohibited, but are we allowed to reference those sites in a discussion? Some situations may require these references (such as a debate). Provided there is no intent to...
  13. Plastro


    Thanks for the welcome; but if I may interject with a question: which forum section is appropriate to post regarding Pokémon trivia/origins? I wish to ask questions about certain Pokémon biology/origins for there are topics that I am unsure of. I hope I can somehow contribute or at least get the...
  14. Plastro


    Hello Bulbagarden, I'm new and joined this forum due to Bulbapedia's reputation of being the most comprehensive Pokémon site on the web. My history with the Pokémon franchise started out like most fans; I was caught up in the initial surge of popularity until public interest waned as time...