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  • Yeah, it looks cool. And I meant to say that I was LOL'ing at you for not knowing, but I never realized it either, really.
    You can look at all the shinies on Serebii. It's body is a little brighter, and the red spots became blue, and the blue marks became red. I'm not doing much, just got back from something.
    I don't like shiny Togepi, but Pidgey would have been awesome. I remember that it was the first shiny I ever caught in Gold, and I even caught a second shiny pidgey in Silver. Very nostalgic. I haven't really tried though, I've been a bit busy. What's up?
    Yeah, though I haven't checked in a couple days on what the swarm is for my games. I also didn't check on Mr. Backlot, which is a pity since his house had Porygon.
    If we're modeled on God's image, how the hell do we manage to bite the inside of our own mouths?
    Oh, you beat the league? Congrats! What to chain? I'm bias toward red-colored pokemon myself. Try whatever's swarming.
    Pretty good, not really doing anything though. Actually, I'm checking out some sources someone posted in a debate. How are you?
    Yeah, I keep meaning to write in mine, but I can't think of anything to write about. I have a draft rant about the play I saw last night, but I quit when I was about 8 paragraphs in and I wasn't even half done.
    Yeah, I read your latest Platinum update. I go through all of the recent blogs occaisonally. I'm weird like that I guess.
    Oh, I hadn't seen your response for so long, I didn't check this page. Yeah, well Nicoleta01's first in line though. I'm probably going to go chaining later today, unless I finally buy Majora's Mask.
    Thanks for your help, and don't worry about passing on shiny pokemon duplicates to me, prioritize my friend. I do appreciate the offer though and I certainly won't turn it down.
    Thanks for the wishes. Maybe if I get a duplicate I don't want, I'll pass it along to you... I promised Nicoleta01 my first duplicate though...

    I'm not sure about that, I saw a EXP comparison chart a long time ago, but I forgot where. Blissey has a huge amount of EXP though, I know because there was this one trainer with a Happiny who gave a lot of EXP even though her pokemon was 10 levels lower than mine. I also know that Gyrados give a lot of EXP, I grinded for the E4 with half of my pokemon by vs. Seekering this one fisherman who had 2 Gyrados.
    Your avatar looks nice then. And I haven't hunted in a few days. I was chaining Abra on Friday, but I got to 26 when a Starly popped up (I don't even know which chaining rule I broke, it must have been the random chance thing), and I haven't chained since. I've been a little busy and tired honestly.
    Fine then, Arceus. Why fire arceus? It looks cool though, but you should see if you can get an artwork picture or something that makes it look even more kick-ass.
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