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Oct 23, 2017 at 7:52 AM
Oct 30, 2010
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Feb 2, 1995 (Age: 22)
A state of depression


Not in the mood., 22, from A state of depression

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Viewing forum Pokémon Anime and Manga, Oct 23, 2017 at 7:52 AM
    1. Shadao
      The magazine's images are in, and it appears all the initial titles revealed beforehand are false.
      The real titles apparently are:
      June 16th: XY&Z031 - Heatbursts at the Ingenuity Festival!
      June 30th: XY&Z032 - The Kalos League Begins! Mega Charizard Showdown: X VS Y!!
      July 2nd: XY&Z033 - Mega Sceptile VS Raichu! I Received Some EXP!!
    2. Nicolas721
      Sorry, I didn't realize you aren't a mod. I'll try to talk with Neo Blaze.
    3. Nicolas721
      That being said, I'd like to suggest a new rule, where posts that contain spoilers on the week's japanese episode should be spoiler-tagged outside its review thread, for 2 days or so after it airs. I'm sorry if i'm doing something wrong, but anyway thanks for reading.
    4. Nicolas721
      Hi Playerking. When I watch the Pokemon anime I usually don't have time for watching it after it premieres, I do it some hours or a day later. However, I do like to read threads about the next episode's preview right away, but I usually find spoilers about this week episode on those threads, like past week's "So it looks like Ash will have 2 consecutive loses".
    5. KenzeyEevee
      How are you?
    6. PokémonGamer
      (character limit, ugh) Anyway, there's no Japanese word specifically meaning "I'll" in there, so Absolute Puni-chan Finder and I'll Find Puni-chan For Sure are both acceptable.
    7. PokémonGamer
      Do not trust Google Translate. Use Jisho.org, (jisho is actually Japanese for dictionary btw), you can just insert each Japanese word into there (romaji, kana, kanji, either will work). Then, knowing Japanese word order, try to translate it yourself. That's how I came up with Absolute Puni-chan Finder Mark 1. PM's translation is "I'll Find Puni-chan For Sure", also acceptable too.
    8. PokémonGamer
      So it wasn't exactly "fake". We were just unsure.
    9. Shadao
      Apparently, you were right after all. XY 110 is "Left and Right! The Indecisive Binacle!!" according to Dephender over at Serebii.
      1. Playerking likes this.
    10. Elementar
      Hi. Do you know where to watch new anime episodes that are live in Japan? Hope you're well. :)
    11. Alan4ever
      What happened to the summary translations from Dephender for the XY & Z series? And were anymore episodes revealed in the magazine as well, 2 new titles seem a bit too low to me from Pokemon Fan.
    12. Adil
      Done, thanks.
    13. Trainer Gabriel
      Trainer Gabriel
      How was the big day?
    14. Trainer Gabriel
      Trainer Gabriel
      Happy belated birthday!

      Sorry I missed it the first time around.
    15. Litten
      How'd you get banned on Serebii? :c
    16. Stuntology
      Happy birthday!
    17. diamondabsol33
      Happy birthday :3
    18. Jeshi
      Thank you a lot! :D
    19. Trainer Gabriel
      Trainer Gabriel
      I appreciate the friendship request. :)
    20. Trainer Gabriel
      Trainer Gabriel
      Happy birthday!
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    Feb 2, 1995 (Age: 22)
    A state of depression


    [​IMG]This is Cilan's Stunfisk, he laughs at you.