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    To add to that, it seems that was the intention of some of the new abilities like Tough Claws and Strong Jaw to boost the power of some of the weaker physical moves like the elemental punches/fangs up to the level of their special counterparts, since the higher power physical moves all tend to...
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    You guys should try to approach the nerfs from the perspective of Double Battles, since that's the official tournament playstyle. A lot of these move changes make sense in that context. In Doubles, Intimidate runs rampant, putting physical attackers at an immediate disadvantage and makes...
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    Farewell, Unova

    Don't worry guys! Much like the Zelda Cycle, Pokemon generations are usually hated while they go on and are looked upon fondly after a gen or two passes... So come Gen VII, Unova will be just as loved as Johto and Hoenn, lol. That said, I appreciate Unova for giving me actual, useable Bug Types...
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    SPOILERS: Gen VI Pokemon Discussion

    Re: Revealed Gen VI Pokemon Discussion/Speculation Thread I think Doublade is cool. All you guys that are disappointed, it's your own fault for getting so hype over rumors and your own personal expectations. Don't take it out on the Pokemon because you didn't get what you wanted. If you don't...
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    Poke Transporter (Transfering Pokemon From Previous Gens)

    Transporter and Bank will both be free for about a month. Transfer your guys then and don't worry about paying the absurdly high .42 cents US Currency per month those pirates at Game Freak are trying to gouge you with. Sarcasm aside, anyone else get the feeling that the Pokemon Bank was...
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    Poke Transporter (Transfering Pokemon From Previous Gens)

    I can see where you're coming from, I really can... I was on the other side of this argument as a longtime Capcom fan who became extremely disappointed at that company's nickel and diming of the consumer. That, in addition to the deterioration of the actual games themselves(DmC was the final...
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    Poke Transporter (Transfering Pokemon From Previous Gens)

    GameFreak doesn't owe you anything. Pokemon players sure have short memories... Remember Ruby and Sapphire? Remember how you couldn't bring your Gen II guys over? Yeah, people were upset that they couldn't bring their level 100 Mewtwo and Charizard to ride roughshod over the game, but they got...
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    Move-of-the-Week Discussion #50: Acrobatics

    Enzap: Infernape does learn Acrobatics at Level 52, so yes, all monkey Pokemon can learn it. I feel like its really become more of a gimmick move than something people would actively use in a moveset. Other than the typical Flying Gem abuse, I could see being used as a back-up move on...
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    Pokémon-amie: new bonding feature

    Because PS is just like the DS/3DS carts, right? They are stats that can be modified through Items/Moves/Abilities just like the Attack/Defense/Speed stats, so I don't see what the problem is other than people being lazy and not wanting to deal with anything that forces them to adjust their...
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    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-6)

    Re: Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gen 5) I have a question for our more competitive players here... Say I have a Pokemon holding a Red Card, say Scizor. I choose Pursuit as my attack. If the opponent moves first and hits me(they used Quick Attack or just outsped me), activating the Red...
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    SPOILERS: Gen VI Pokemon Discussion

    Re: Revealed Gen VI Pokemon Discussion/Speculation Thread I've got my fingers crossed that number 666 winds up being some kind of Bug/Dark Fly Pokemon with a Beelzebub(known as the Lord of the Flies) reference, lol.
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    The Fairy Type and Alterations to Type Chart

    Re: New Type or Alterations to Type Chart? If the Fairy-type does what its been rumored to do and brings some much needed nerfs to the overpowered Dragon-type and gives Poison-types something to do other than absorb Toxic Spikes or be slapped onto much better types as a secondary typing, then...
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    The Fairy Type and Alterations to Type Chart

    Re: New Type or Alterations to Type Chart? Typical Pokemon fanbase response-- "Game Freak never innovates!" *GF does something new* "What are they doing?! They're changing things too much!" *Fanboys buy game anyway* "Oh wow! This new feature is awesome!" *Repeat as needed...*
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    Character Discussion Thread

    Does anyone have Natures and EVs on N's seasonal teams? Looks like they were really trying to offer a real post-game challenge with him. Speaking of which, does his team's level change based on the difficulty level? I'm wondering if his pokes go higher than 77 on Challenge mode.
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    BW2 Tutor Moves

    Yeah buddy. Get your troll on, Gliscor! I like the new Move Tutors so far though. Definitely a lot of potential there that will likely never be tapped... Much like the HG/SS Tutors, there will be several lower-tier Pokes that will probably become much improved now.