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  • Yeah, they really overcharge for those DVD volumes. Which is why boxsets are the best deal ever! ^^

    As for me, I still need to buy the Orange Islands box set and all 3 Indigo League box sets. Actually, I didn't have any money to buy the box sets until my birthday came along. And that's why I was disappointed that my WalMart didn't have them, cause I finally had the money....

    Oh well, next time I go to the mall, I can check my local FYE, and see which Pokemon box sets they have in stock. They usually have a lot of stuff from the 4Kids dub.

    Actually, what I wanna do instead is buy the Advanced box sets (I've been wanting those for a very long time, cause I LOVE that season).

    Yeah, I really wanna get the Advanced box sets first, cause that's one of my favorite seasons. And after that, I'll get the Orange Islands box set, and I'll save the Indigo sets for last (because there's 3 of them, making it harder to collect all of season one).
    Ah, I figured it was from that episode. That's awesome! In fact, "A Double Dilemma" happens to be one of my favorite Pokemon episodes! =D

    And of course, I love the Advanced Challenge season. <333 In fact, I saw all the episodes when they originally aired on KidsWB. I really enjoy watching reruns of the 4Kids dub (especially on TV, that makes it even more special). And also, I really loved it back when CN was airing Advanced Challenge reruns. <33333

    They sell single DVDs of Advanced Challenge at my local FYE. So I have two volumes/DVDs so far. But I really want the whole season. It's a shame they haven't released a DVD box set for season 7, Advanced Challenge.

    All they seem to be releasing now are seasons dubbed by Pokemon USA (I was at my WalMart tonight, and I saw the Battle Froniter box set, and the Diamond and Pearl DVDs, and The Rise of Darkrai movie, blegh). And wow, this was a long message, lol. I would have PM'd you, except my inbox is nearly full. XD
    Eeeeee! <3333

    Your avatar is adorable! I love Ash's expression there! ^_^

    And of course, I'm also an Ash fangirl. I really love Ash's personality, especially when he's portrayed by Veronica Taylor! <333333 (however, I can't stand how Sarah Natochenny has changed Ash in the Pokemon USA dub - her acting and portrayal of Ash makes me cringe)
    Hi Marie! Sorry I didn't catch up with you sooner but thanks for the friend request! ^-^ It looks like you're somewhat of an Ash fan as well. I'm about as big of an Ash fan as Lisa is, even though I don't show it much. Hope we get the chance to chat soon! See ya around Bulbagarden! =D
    I know how that is. I've all but given up on finding one this year. Hopefully I'll have better luck in the new year.
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