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  • Yea it was cool. We had a dance but I went to the Magic Shop here and hung out with some new friends and such lol. I really did not want to attend a Dance lol
    Yea those Welcome Seminar's are just gay... They make us take like a Mandatory Freshmen Class... We have to attend all these "Social" Events that are stupid and pointless to pass the class. Some were ok. Like Casino Night where I played Black Jack and The Comedy Caravan was sweet but the others was a big no.
    I barely have time to. Some of my Professor's just dropped the ball on what we were doing. I am just glad I have a lot of time to do stuff in the evening since mos of my classes end in the morning.
    Like involved in doing stuff at the College and that junk? because I have like a freshman class where I have to attend seminars go to these gay events and do all this crap just to pass it... The events are dumb as is but I only have the class on Monday's luckily. I really do not consider my roomate my roomate he is never there... lol
    Its been all right. I really wish we would of went to the same College Now :p lol. My classes are all right my room-mate is like never here. I joined a Science and Fantasy Guild so I have people to play magic with. College Internet is gay here they block like everything. I can not get on the Pokemon Online Server at all. I have to get on the BMGF one to see if anyones there and my Playstation will not connect to the PSN network...
    I think you and I are in the same block for the tournament thing. Send me a message at any time so we can have our battle.
    Have you tried the Bulbagarden server?

    If you haven't heard of it, Lord Clowncrete provides a way to access it: How to access bulbagarden's PO server. - Blogs - Bulbagarden Forums
    Seeing as you are part of the BGBC Summer Skirmish, and also in the same group as me, it would be great if we could arrange a time to battle. I request our battle to be done sooner than later because I will not be around on Friday.

    We could arrange a battle on Tuesday at around 8am to 10:30am your time on Tuesday (which would be 8pm to 10:30pm for my time on Tuesday) if you like. Alternatively, would it do if we have a battle at around 6:30pm your time on Tuesday (6:30am my time on Wednesday, since I live in Malaysia)?
    Like where it says Players if you click over to channels you will find it then just right click are channel and set to auto join and default. And then set any others like Tohjo falls to Auto join
    I created are own Channel on PO its named Poke/Jacel. Look for it and then set it as your default and Auto Join Tohjo Falls that way we dont have to PM constantly and its easier to find each other if we want to battle or watch each others battles. I read your second Chapter to the book. Loved it!
    Sweet To see you entered the PO tournament!! Are you going to be using your Normal OU team or did you cook up something Devilshly new?
    Now that I read your first chapter I am anxious to read more.... Why can Friday not be here yet so I can read the next Installment?? lol
    Amanda was the worst or the worst

    I re read your First Chapter and found this. I am suspecting it is meant to be Worst of the Worst as Or does not makes sense :p lol
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