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  • Good battle, but I knew you'd win; never thought Feraligatr would pull through for me like that! Want to try another, doubles this time?
    So no Latias? Damn, okay. My friend code is 1074 8104 5485. I've got yours from the thread. Get ready to win, I don't EV or IV train :p
    Hey, I saw on Glitchipedia's blog that you're looking for voice actors for a Youtube series? That sounds interesting. How would I go about getting involved in something like that?
    You've done nothing wrong. I've simply had nothing to say.

    And for the record, I agree with you about McCain.
    why you should join:
    there will soon be a tournament in which a legit SHINY milotic will be given away.
    many advantages that i can't think of at the top of my head.
    how to convert you....
    Defensively, the Water-type is very strong when combined with high defensive stats. As every Water-type, with the exception of Magikarp, can use Ice-type moves to counter Grass-types (although Magikarp can learn one Flying-type move, which can also counter Grass-types), Electric is the only true threat to Water-types. That is not the case if the Pokémon in question are part Ground like, in which their Electric weakness is nullified but their Grass weakness is more effective. Water-types often have the most balanced attributes, usually coming with decent Atck, Spl Atck, and Dfns stats, but below average Spd.

    The Water-type is also useful offensively. Water-type Pokémon can learn Ice Beam to deal with Dragon- and Grass-types, which would make their resistance to Water-type attacks irrelevant. It can be extremely useful against Ground- and Rock-types in caves, etc. As a result of these advantages, most Trainers usually have at least one Water-type in their party.
    Well, Palkia is banned because it's "uber".
    You see, Heatran's stats and typing make it "not uber", therefore it is allowed to be used.
    Most people do think that, but in real battling (as in seriously serious), legendaries aren't considered cheating, just overpowered Pokemon are.
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