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Recent content by pokechamp116

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    Standard Rules Battles Archives

    Re: Looking for a battle Dude I'll battle you. Just say when.
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    As Luck Would Have It

    WARNING! FROM HERE ON OUT, THE STORY IS RATED T FOR LANGUAGE Plus, I rewrote this chapter Chapter 3: TechNet "Now why'd you have to go and eat all the kibble mate? Haven't you ever heard of sharing?" "Uh, um, well, I, didn't, um, know you were, um, sorry?" I stuttered as I backed towards the...
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    As Luck Would Have It

    Ch.2 My whole underside was cold, so very cold. I was slowly regaining consciousness, and I tried to move as little as possible. It hurt to breathe, my everything was throbbing. I eventually got used to the pain, and tried to open my eyes to see what was happening, or where I was. I was...
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    As Luck Would Have It

    As Luck Would Have It You ever have one of those days where everything just falls apart? It all started with my pet Furret, Scout. He had been sick for quite a while now, and was getting a bit old. “I’m sorry to say this, Mr. Sauter, but Scout is barley hanging on. The cancer...
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    Why do certain Pokemon only evolve when they're traded?

    I think there is something to that "power between friends" thing. It would explain evolution and the boosted XP. as fo items, they're just little energy boosts/jumpstarts.
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    where is your fav place to go

    I love figuring out ruins and caves, while I also like the Sevii Islands
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    If a Slowpoke and Shellder battle...

    If there was a trainer with a shellder, that would mean that there was shellder in the area if so, I would've already evolved my slowpoke before fighting the trainer.
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    The plural form of bidoof

    So even though we say words that sound like the pokemons names, we have to say the actual names differently? Instead of skulls we say Duskull and not Duskulls? Instead of Turtles we say Squirtle and not Squirtles? P.S. Fire the Sharpedos!
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    The plural form of bidoof

    What about sharpedo? We say Torpedos, so can we say sharpedos?
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    The plural form of bidoof

    so, would it be two Zangoose, Zangeese, or Zangooses?
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    Ideas For New Pokemon

    I have a really good idea for a genV legendary. Since Arceus is the Alpha Pokemon, how about an OMEGA Pokemon?
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    Pokemon Nightmare Fuel

    God Yes
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    Why are there so many water/grass pokemon, and hardly any fire pokemon?

    Why does nature have to have anything about it though? I'm pretty sure a dinosaur with a huge flower growing out of it's back isn't natural. Neither is a mud fish that can walk on dry land. Why do the fire types all have to be natural?
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    Standard Rules Battles Archives

    Re: Looking for a battle near lv.50 still accepting battles, if anyone is interested.
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    PokéLife: The YouTube Comedy from the Mind of pokechamp116

    yeah, I know. But nobody applied and nobody could find it. So, I moved it and gave it another name. Sorry if I'm breaking any rules, but this thing is really important to me.