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Aug 3, 2017 at 2:45 AM
Mar 18, 2015
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November 3


WRRRYYYYYYYY, from 'Murica

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Aug 3, 2017
    1. returnofMCH
      thanks for that!
    2. returnofMCH
      happy birthday! Mine is tomrrow.
    3. Alexg23
      So I found these: Freedom planet 1 Year Anniversary by goshaag on DeviantArt Senpaiii by goshaag on DeviantArt
    4. Alexg23
    5. Maniacal Engineer
      Maniacal Engineer
      Glad you decided to rejoin ^ vs v!
      I'm still self banned, and RC isn't going to come back, but there was no reason you couldn't Return.
    6. Alexg23
      Poe's Law - TV Tropes "Poe's law - The core idea of Poe's law is that a parody of something extreme can be mistaken for the real thing, and if a real thing sounds extreme enough, it can be mistaken for a parody" Yep, that's FP's intro to a T.
    7. Alexg23
      Really? Well you really lucked out there, but regardless you must of felt really silly when Ryu was leaked, right? Um, no offence of course.
    8. Alexg23
      Yeah, I liked that Sushi Scene. But anyway, I was looking in the FP Forums you mentioned (because I wanted to know exactly where you posted that video, and I did find it BTW) and I saw this "Still not going to change that I want Zero in Smash 4. Tell ya what, if Zero is announced as a future fighter before Ryu, you owe me something of my choice for absolutely no charge. If Ryu is announced as a future fighter before Zero, you can get something of your choice from me for absolutely no charge." (Want to see Lilac in Smash Bros? | Freedom Planet Forum) So er, what did end up giving the other guy?
    9. Alexg23
      If by "sets the mood" you mean (and for everyone who isn't Pokefan, this is your one chance to stop reading before I spoil things) "has the main villain cut someone's head off on screen", then yeah, it does that perfectly. Seriously though, I just had a passing interest before, but then I saw your play-through and now I'm hooked. (In before you use that one picture that says "mission accomplished")
    10. Alexg23
      BTW I commented on your most resent blog post, did you see it?
    11. Alexg23
    12. Maniacal Engineer
      Maniacal Engineer
      Believe me, I am retired. Possibly permanently.
    13. Maniacal Engineer
    14. Maniacal Engineer
      Maniacal Engineer
      Thanks for the score correct! I didn't get a lot of sleep this weekend, and I think I feel a migraine coming, so I may not detect typos.
      Do me a favor and keep an eye on my scores today. I'll make a note in the thread that I am not to be trusted today unless I do an official recount.
    15. AussieEevee
      Well, I have the full version on Steam and I am surprised that it's only a 401mb download :P I haven't played the story yet, but I played around with the time attack and somehow enjoyed it... AND got two steam achievements.... No idea how, I was just going with the flow :P
    16. AussieEevee
      Something like that :P

      Though to be fair, indie devs seem to be a lot faster to adopt Linux and SteamOS than the AAA devs, so i suppose i shouldn't be surprised.
    17. AussieEevee
      Steam Community :: Group Announcements :: Freedom Planet

      For the first time ever, Freedom Planet is officially supported on Mac and Linux! We extend a warm welcome to all the Apples and Tuxes who've been waiting patiently for a proper port to their OS of choice.
      I... approve. I never expected that.
    18. AussieEevee
      Urg. I hate that! When you gift a game to a friend and they never even bother to touch it!

      As i said, i'll give it another go when i have the money to actually buy it. I give just about any game a try (even fighting games like SSB)
    19. AussieEevee
      I don't understand :\

      I'm not the only one that compared it to sonic though:

      "I've heard Freedom Planet described as a Sonic clone. I'd call it a worthy Sonic successor, it's that good."
      ~ TotalBiscuit

      But what i meant is that speed platformers aren't usually my thing. I prefer the mario/duke nukem/commander keen style platformer.

      But i'll still give it a proper try, i think.
    20. AussieEevee
      The most annoying part of the keyboard is the lack of mouse support in the menu... and I had to fumble my way around to figure out that "Press Start" meant "Press Enter"... That was annoying.

      I do give it credit for rebindable keys. I might play with that at great depth later to find a combination for me that works better than Z, X and C.

      Truth be told, I'm not much of a Sonic style platform fan. I prefer the Mario style :P

      That said, the main reason I tried it was I was curious about what you said with the story. The opening intro gives only a VERY brief glimpse, But I do think Lord Brevon would have his work cut out for him if he attacked Earth as it is depicted in Stargate or Star Trek :P

      Unfortunately though, the demo locks you out of the adventure mode, so I'll have to buy it to get a better look into the story.
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    November 3
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    Generation VII (3DS)
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    Volcarona / Ulgamoth
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    Sinnoh / Shin'ō
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