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  • It's nothing personal, but I don't think that Game Freak should use a specific mythology as a basis for several legendaries.

    They didn't just tease. They blatantly told us that Sylveon's type couldn't be Fighting or Steel, and that it was strong against Ice and weak to Poison. That's very specific and I don't see why they would do that just for laughs. Will Masuda's appearance next week be similarly misleading?
    I just stared at it for a while. To the right you can see its two toes. Inbetween the toes is supposed to the the side of its body but it can be mistaken for the front of its chest. If you make that connection, it looks like Bayleef is twisting it's head looking toward the battle.

    P.S. I like your site. If you want a pokedex, make it easy to navigate like Marriland's where you can see all the pokemon at once and click on one to veiw it's information. It's very convenient. Then add the new animated sprites if you can get away with it. Everybody is dying to see them.
    When I put it there, Experto hadn't shown it publicly. I put it in the album just so I could easily show it to others without doing file transfers and such. It's worth noting also that I think it's fake.
    hey, can i ask what anime/game/whatever is that picture from your sig (wow that sentence is worded extremely wrong)? it looks pretty cool
    Hey man. Thanks for keeping the scan up. I actually found it on your site after it was referenced a few pages after the actual scan was posted in this thread. Saved me some time.
    anytime. I've never been one for dissing a site unless it was, without a shred of doubt, a troll site.
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