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  • I'm still just following the dub, so I've only seen six episodes of XY, but I've heard some details about future episodes due to previews and discussions on certain characters. Regardless, I think that the series is off to a great start. Ash is back to being a skilled trainer, most of the Pokemon have more personalities than most of the BW Pokemon did, the battles are good, Team Rocket still has their personalities, there is actually good group chemistry this time around, all of the new characters are likable and I am curious about where they're going with Serena. So far, it's doing a far better job than BW did and I'm hoping to see more development and focus on the other characters, as well as more good battles from Ash.
    Sorry for not replying sooner. I've been a bit busy. I wouldn't mind if the trio had big missions and still kept their personalities. That does sound like a nice solution. I am hoping that Bonnie can provide something interesting to the group besides being cute and hugging every cute Pokemon she sees. As for Serena possibly having a crush on Ash, I don't really mind that possibility, but I know that it wouldn't go anywhere besides Ash being oblivious as always about love. Personally, I don't think that it is a crush. Nothing about her behavior in the second episode indicated that she really likes him and it gave the impression that whatever happened between them in the past inspired her to go on her journey more than anything else. I think that it's more of a way to connect the two characters together before they meet up again, especially when it will take a bit of time for Serena to join the cast.
    I did see the first two episodes dubbed on Saturday. I really like the animation, the battle between Ash and Clemont looked good, Team Rocket staying as the comedy relief and the way they're setting up the Mega Evolution concept from the start. I also really like Serena and Clemont and I'm quite eager to see what Serena will do once she joins the cast. I'm not sure what to make of Bonnie. She's cute, but I have a feeling that she can come off as annoying and I don't know what she could provide as an interesting character, but I'll wait until more episodes air and I get a better feel for her character.
    I liked May a lot more than Misty and I agree that she was a better character. She wasn't perfect and had problems, but she was handled pretty well and I liked seeing an active female trainer in the cast. That really appealed to me when I first watched the series. I also liked her interactions with Max, even though he did come off as annoying sometimes and he ruined Brock's love daze gag. Brock was pretty cool in AG though.
    There have been other good emotional episodes in other series, but not as often as there were in the original series I think. I never really saw much personality from Squirtle aside from when it wore those sunglasses, but the only Pokemon in Kanto that had personalities were Pikachu, Meowth, Charizard and Psyduck. As for my favorite series, I think it would be AG with DP as a close second. I think that AG had more fun filler episodes, I liked May more than Dawn, most of the Gym battles were good and Ash had a good balance of being a good battler and being more comical. I think that DP is the best written series thus far though.
    In general, Kanto is pretty fun. It does have a fun nostalgic charm to it for being the first series. The comedy was pretty good at times and they pulled off some really good emotional moments. I still cry every time I see Bye Bye Butterfree, despite the fact that Butterfree had little personality and little accomplishments to its name, because of the emotion they put into that episode and those flashbacks. Pikachu's Goodbye still makes me cry too for the same reasons. Brock was pretty cool, but I never cared much for Misty. She was just basically there, but didn't add much to the series. There wasn't much progress for Ash, but to be fair, he was still a rookie, so I wouldn't get that upset about it compared to his lack of accomplishments in BW, and most of the Pokemon in the cast in general didn't have much personality, but he was still a likable underdog lead that you wanted to cheer on. This was the first arc to the first series, so I can understand why it did have some of the problem, but that doesn't excuse all of its problems. Still, it's basic fun and the nostalgic value it has adds a bit more enjoyment to the experience in my opinion.
    I liked a couple of the rivals too. Burgundy was entertaining and should have had one on-screen victory, Georgia was one of the few characters that pointed out Iris' flaws and Stephan, annoying name gag aside, was a decent character. Still, Burgundy and Georgia's rivalries went absolutely nowhere. The Unova League was terrible. I'd give it just a small edge over the Kanto League, but it was still horrible. I'd rank the battles slightly above Kanto's battles overall since BW actually has some battles. There were some good battles, but they were few in and far in between. While I haven't seen the DA arc, it really does give the impression that the writers stopped trying when it's basically just stalling for the XY series. The episodes might be decent fun, but the fact that they didn't even bother to give Ash a goal when they had quite a bit of time on their hands really says a lot.

    Ash's skills being downgraded bothered me a lot. Every journey, he has made some progress and accomplishments, but he has nothing in BW. Most of Ash's Pokemon were boring and lacked development and/or personalities, which really stands out after DP. Ash capturing a bunch of Pokemon was an interesting idea, but definitely not a good one since they don't even balance out screentime with a full team of six Pokemon. Oshawott was good, even though its comic relief role has hurt it more than helped it and aside from Aqua Jet, it didn't really have much development. Scraggy was good for the most part though.
    I haven't seen any episodes past where the dub airings are right now, but I don't think that the rest of the series will drastically change my opinion on the series. BW is really lackluster and disappointing. It has some good ideas, but they were executed pretty poorly. The battles were generally bad, most of the rivalries were terrible, Ash's progress took a huge step backwards, most of the Pokemon lack personalities and development, Iris and Cilan weren't handled that well, especially Iris, and not using Team Plasma earlier was a mistake, especially when they don't seem to know what to do besides just stalling for XY after Episode N. Episode N seems like it will be the best part about BW for me, but I still would have preferred seeing them include Team Plasma throughout the series. BW might be the weakest Pokemon series yet since the original series did improve around Johto in regard to Ash's battle skills.
    I know what you mean. If you look at the 'From 1-10 how would you rate each saga?' thread you can see how many people around here love DP and how much they hate BW. TR seems to be on one of the main reasons. Maybe I should join Serebii. To be honest I only joined Bulbagarden because Bulbanews tends to show scans that Serebii doesn't show. I didn't really look at the people that post on both forums before joining.
    Yes, I'm this old xD Yay, I have an another little brother (I have a brother in rl)! About Dr Zeger... I started hating him when he started to appear too much after Meteornite arc. Not only he was stealing the TRio's screentime, I saw him as someone who was "blocking" their character development they could go through after they were "freed" from Sakaki. I don't like him giving orders to them and imo, he doesn't have any personality. He also messed up the TRio's subway mission. They prepared hard for it, yet he surrendered so fast and easily...
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