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Recent content by Pokemaster97

  1. Pokemaster97

    Bulbagarden Staff: They make you lose count

    Is th1s the Krusty Krab?
  2. Pokemaster97

    Bulbapedia I can't even make my own profile page.

    Let's keep the threads in this forum business-related if possible please. Closing.
  3. Pokemaster97

    Blogs temporarily disabled

    We'll be sure to let you know if there's any updates!
  4. Pokemaster97

    Blogs temporarily disabled

    All blog entries have been retained, we've just simply disabled the ability for people to view them or create new ones at this time.
  5. Pokemaster97

    Review S19 EP20: Performing a Pathway to the Future!

    Ok guys, let's calm it down a few notches and bring the discussion back to the episode itself. Posts that only serve to bash a version of the anime in its entirety will be infracted and deleted.
  6. Pokemaster97

    News All my questions please answer please

    A majority of these questions are being addressed in other threads and topics. Please take a look around the section to see if there's a thread in relation to your question before posting it. This thread is now closed.
  7. Pokemaster97

    Notice Results of the 2016 Staff Drive: Say hello to the new moderators!

    Congratulations to everyone! Looking forward to working with you.
  8. Pokemaster97

    Notice The 2016 Staff Drive has begun(CLOSED-NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS)

    May the odds be ever in your favor....
  9. Pokemaster97

    I think I've figured out TPCi's music replacement practices.

    Let's not get into that discussion in here please. Focus on the BGM if you have something to say on that.
  10. Pokemaster97

    How Much More Fleshed Out Could Misty, Iris, and Serena's Goals Have Went/Be?

    Please refrain from using this thread to voice dislikes or to make comments about the voice actors themselves, let's return to the topic at hand.
  11. Pokemaster97

    Last thing you charged?

    My phone
  12. Pokemaster97


    This section of the forum is intended for topics specifically related to Bulbapedia and it's improvement. Since this topic doesn't relate to that, I'm closing the thread.
  13. Pokemaster97

    Pokémon on Hungama TV (India)

    This is not an edit request thread for Bulbapedia. You are welcome to visit the Bulbawiki general section of the Forum or use the talk pages on Bulbapedia, but this thread is not the appropriate place for this.
  14. Pokemaster97

    Review XY086: Photo Op on Fire! Snap the Legend!!

    While disagreeing is alright, the hostility and telling people to "quit the show" is not. Tone it down please.
  15. Pokemaster97

    PearlShipping or AmourShipping?

    We have a whole section that's completely dedicated to shipping with ship specific threads over in The Shipper's Paradise. Feel free to participate in one of the discussions there rather than here.