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pokemon fan 132
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  • pokemon fan 132
    pokemon fan 132
    I know, who could have ever thought this would happen. Its like a miracle hehe. Im still positively perplexed and happy, original trio has returned.:D
    ii kanji
    ii kanji
    I don't think I will really believe it until months after the episodes air!
    I am praying that she will really be in it. She is a popular character not just in the anime - I'm sure she's one of the most referenced NPCs in the games! Her having a role in the film would be an easy way to make money. Thank you! I have no idea where it's from, I just found it funny in the post-kiss era we are now living in.
    I have no idea what it will be, but surely if Satoshi is in Kanto, whatever the story may be, then Kasumi will for sure appear?!
    Yeah, I like my new username too! It sounds a bit like Captain America now that I think of it, earlier I had thought it was only similar to Captain Planet lol. :)
    Hey, I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your thoughts about the anime. It looks like we agree on wanting old characters to have more presence, it's the show's biggest weak point IMO, moreso than fillers or whatever else people complain about.
    Hey I had read somewhere that a new Misty figurine is getting released. It's of game!Misty but it is still very cute. :) So maybe we will get a cameo from her if they are releasing merchandise of her. Just guessing.
    No, it's fine. I should have started talking this over with the staff for awhile. I'll respond back to your PM in a moment.
    That's so nice of you to say. Thank you so much. ^_^ I have been enjoying my birthday thus far and I'm hoping that I'll be able to spend some time with my family later tonight.
    I'm sorry for making you worry. I'm doing fine and I have brought up your message with the staff. We are discussing it. I'm sorry that it took me so long to get to that point though. There are a couple of issues we'll need to iron out before giving an answer, but hopefully I'll be able to give you an answer soon.
    I'm doing fine. Sorry to make you worry. I've just gotten a bad habit of taking too long to respond back to messages. I'll give you an answer soon.
    I did get your message. Conversations are basically the same thing as PMs. I just haven't had the time to reply back yet, but I will try to do that as soon as possible.
    I had been watching Digimon Tri recently and I liked what they did too. It felt really nice to see all the older faces and I like that they are showing more of their stories. I hope Beyblade does something similar too.

    And that's really sad about Misty. :( They should have brought her back for a match with Siebold or given her Mega Gyarados. And I was also hoping to see May get a mega.
    Yeah, I think they should find a way of keeping a balance between the older and newer characters. I think rotating the characters would be a good idea. For eg, in gen 7 region they can have two new and two older characters travel with Ash. The only problem I can think of is bringing back the voice actors of older characters. That's why they didn't brought May for ORAS promotion either. :(
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