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Recent content by Pokémon-Trainer Robbie

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    Hi! I'm the new girl!!

    welcome! :) have fun and ill see you around! x
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    Hi! I'm the new girl!!

    welcome! :) have fun and ill see you around! x
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    Hello there.

    welcome to the website :P im still new myself but hey :P
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    A wild PH1RE appeared!

    hello & welcome :P (im new too)
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    What's your strong point?

    Studier easily! spend alot of time on -certain pokemon information pokedexes etc- developing kickass, and crappy, tactics
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    Caption the screenshots!

    "How you doin'?" (Joey from friends)
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    Robbie says hello!

    thanks alot :)
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    Robbie says hello!

    Thanks :)!
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    Robbie says hello!

    Pleased to meet you ;) No I think I'll stick to level 50, I make them ready and optimal for fighting online (PBR) Level 50 is thé level when playing online on PBR so I dont really need to level them past that. Thanks anyway :P
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    Robbie says hello!

    Hellooo:kawaii: Bulbagarden/pedia etc have always been very informative for me.:drool: So now I tought it was time to -finally- create an account! Me: I'm a Dutch 17 year old, (turn 18 on the 18th of may) I got my profile done mostly. with some information and my Myspace-ish-thingy. I dont...
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    Your favorite Pokemon type?

    Re: Your favourite type I use the Normal-type mostly. But I like Water more ;)
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    Official BMG Picture Thread

    Hey all, I made my Bulbapedia account today :kawaii: Me: http://robbie-eindhoven.hyves.nl/album/36342582/Fotos/dhbt/ I appear to be an arrogant twat on my fotos. This might be partly true. :P na im kidding Im Dutch by the way :P