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Paul vs Ash
1.Evolving Strategies
2.A Real Rival Rouser
3.Battling a Thaw in Relations
4.Familiarity Breeds Strategy
5.Pedal to the Mettle
6.When Pokemon Worlds Collide
7.Training Battle of Flames! Ash vs Paul
8.Different Strokes for Different Blokes
10.Aiding the Enemy
11.Pursuing a Lofty Goal

1.Paul vs Ash (Sinnoh League)
2.Paul vs Ash (Lake Acuity)
3.Ash vs Katie
4.Ash vs Conway
5.Ash vs Alain

Dragon Ball
1.Goku vs Cell
2.Teen Goku vs Piccolo Jr.
3.Goku vs Vegeta (Buu Saga)
4.Piccolo vs Android 17
5.Goku vs Frieza (Frieza Saga)

1.Naruto vs Sasuke (Shippuden)
2.Neji vs Kidomaru
3.Jiraiya vs Pain
4.Sauke vs Deidara
5.Naruto vs Pain

1.Atem vs Kaiba (Battle City)
2.Yugi vs Atem (Ceremonial Battle)
3.Zane vs Dark Jesse/Yubel
4.Jaden vs Yugi/Atem
5.Atem vs Rafael (Rematch)
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