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  • I've got a Growlithe through thanks~ but look at what I've replied on your thread ok? C:
    I would really like to go along the lines of the life of a galactic or pikashipping. There would be an award for the top in each genre.
    well, it would be a one-shot short story contest about pokemon. I already have LightningTopaz and myself as judges. Would you like to be one. The prize is a banner made by myself for their sig. This is my first time organizing one, so I will need some guidance.
    Yeah I know what you mean, they closed our county's school system through to the end of the week.
    What is this "school" that you speak of??? It sounds familiar, if trapped in oh so distant memory.
    Annnd here comes the third major blast. And just a week ago it was forecast for a wintery mix :rolleyes:
    I know. XD

    The biggest snowfall in recent history (in Dec) is about to be replaced with the biggest snowfall in short term memory. Makes me think we've jumped across to Michigan or something.

    I love it all the same.
    Thanks much for the wishes PokemonHero. Had a great day out, and all is still going well! ;3
    Not necessarily. Our judges seem to have... forgotten or are otherwise unable. There were some barriers that we weren't prepared for. Bleh, who knows. I can't do it myself.
    Well, when I talk about character voices, I don't just talk about the voices - but also the way the VA portrays the character. You have to keep in mind that, the "acting" part of voice acting, is also important to how the character is portrayed because it's a VA's job to bring a character to life. You can tell how good a VA is, based on their performance and how well they deliver their lines. The VAs are the ones who read the lines and dialogue of the characters, afterall. So it's not just one aspect of the show that brings these characters to life, but all of that put together.

    Also, bringing a character to life who's been on the show for a very long time (such as Ash), those are very important shoes to fill. But, Ash's new VA isn't imitating the original VA, but rather, going in her own direction with the role (unlike other members of the new cast). So you can see why I'd feel the need to question, compare, or critique the performance of the current VA (Sarah Natochenny).
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