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  • Yeah! Exactly! We were just having a normal, reasonable discussion. ^^

    Personally, I think the staff here (except for Blackjack) are biased about VA talk. And therefore, they're just afraid to allow us (fans of the Pokemon anime) to have some actual, interesting discussion on the anime.

    I mean, when you have threads which pertain to the characters (like the two Ash threads I'm seeing), how else are you supposed to discuss the characterization and how the characters are portrayed in the show, without talking about the VAs?

    That's just it, you can't really comment on it, or say anything about the subject itself. Why? Cause discussion in the anime forum is too limited. Now that's just a shame... =/

    It wouldn't surprise me if they're scaring away new users/members by having that VA ban around in the first place. I'd say they're way too strict when it comes to VA discussion.
    Yeah, I agree. It WAS ridiculous. We weren't starting a flamewar. Nobody was arguing/debating about the VAs.

    It was just a simple discussion about the MD special and the VAs in it. =/

    Seems weird how they're against any kind of discussion relating to VAs, even a positive discussion which has no chance of turning into a flamewar. >_>
    Hey, just curious, but did you get infracted for the VA talk in the thread about the MD special?

    Cause I just got infracted by Arachaic. =/
    No, but Serebii is like that sometimes. I don't know how they do it, but I know LJ does maintenance in parts. I couldn't get on Serebii the other night though.
    Note, I'm only mentioning this on your talk thread because you don't have a PM, and this is the only way to continue the discussion without breaking the Movie 12 topic thread.

    "So you're basically saying that May's a coward because she didn't react? Please. For all we know, May didn't have her Pokemon with her (the only time they were seen in the movie was the scene on the boat where they are eating on deck). It was more the shock of it happening that prevented her from acting. Plus the writers couldn't just have Ash die permanently (although many would love to see that happen)."

    Well, that and the World of Pokemon Segment in the beginning, and the credits.

    The only one of their Pokemon that we DEFINITELY know wasn't with them was Corphish, since it was seen on the Blue Lagoon at that time. I'm pretty sure that they would have allowed their pokemon with them. I mean, if they allowed Pikachu to come with, they can do the same with their other pokemon.

    And anyways, Ash was also shocked at times when his pokemon (mainly pikachu) were captured, and did he do nothing? no, in fact, he did everything in his abilities to try and get them back. Need I remind you of Misty and Gyarados? She was also shocked at the fact that the Invincible Pokemon Brothers would attempt to attack Gyarados when it was considered defenseless, and did she do nothing? No, in fact, she immediately reacted when it was in danger, by taking the dive, so to speak, nearly sacrificing her own life in the process. Plus, there's also the Second Movie, and if I must point out, she also reacted (relatively speaking) immediately to Ash being in danger.

    Also, in regards to having Ash do it so they wouldn't kill him off, they could have gotten May to fight Phantom off, and defeat him, then Ash walk out of the temple as Jack Walker is restraining Phantom and say "Sorry I'm late, had to recuperate and catch air after fixing the Sea crowm, so what did I miss?". That way, they could have May get the spotlight that, as it was her movie, she theoretically needed, and keep Ash alive.

    As I said, I'm only doing this via your talk page since you didn't have a PM (if you did, I would have used it.)
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