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  • Well, since you were gone we thought Sharking could be the leader of Aero, but alas, he did not want the spot. You can take the spot- We just need conformation from Sharking that the RP is allowed to be posted. Also, are you on PO?
    I guess that he magically teleportaled to his secret lair at the center of the moon. Or he had the power to create a whole series of tunnels and caverns that would make the Locust proud.
    But I like spreading the misery...
    Oh yeah, in a seperate tag, I'm searching all of the past and present trolls on BMGf. MisterUrban, mary_c, empoleonater, atf66(I think thats his name-my first troll), Mr Moto, Why Not?, pokemone expert, Lusit, Izumoshep.. I'm only listing hte ones that I know. Ypu ever have a troll? Oh, YES! emanuellburnell! He was the awesomest troll that I've ever gotten the honor of defeating. He created two Hunter J x Ash threads, went against an admins advice, got banned, came back and did the same thing over, and because me and LusterPurge (one of my other friends) were there, he came in as a sock to bash a shipping that I enjoyed. He spammed my profile with death threats (or something along those lines) and I believe that I got the last word in before he was smashed by the banhammer. You ever had an experience like this? (And DON'T say BattleStar, Mister Mister, and A.I. They were more of the deluded people than actual, full on trolls.)
    I know, but I guess that if I had chosen the second choice to remove it, the bugger would have been DISSASSEMBILILATED earlier. He even lasted through a system restore before I had access to my dad's computer and managed to get the software (twice) to get rid of the thing. BTW, you ever get something like this.
    Sure, one sec. Sorry about not getting to you sooner, but a trojan self-installed itself on my computer and killed my antivirus (Norton Utilities), Windows Defender (More like deactivated it), spammed me with fake malware attacks, and manifested itslef in a rogue anti-malware software that was, in essence, (oh the irony) malware itself. It severed my internet, and was hard as hell to fix.
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