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  • Congrats on the win. Which questions tripped you up?
    There wasn't anything that really tripped me up terribly. Just a couple that would make me second guess myself. Round 9, for example, I guessed right on the first clue but the second one made me unsure. The ones that took me to the 3rd clue, like rounds 2, 7, 12, and especially 13, were the ones that I was really unsure about. And of course for round 20 threw me for a loop, though I was originally on the right track and went a completely different direction.

    How about you?
    Patrick Haines
    Patrick Haines
    Yea, that last one made no sense to me. I struggled with 7 and 13, but most of the others seemed pretty obvious (until a few took left turns). I think I actually missed question 11 though. I put "Ghost of Marowak's Mother" for Clue 1 and didn't guess again because I thought it was right. If I had put "Ghost of Cubone's Mother", they may have given it to me, but I hope they do it again now that I understand how it works.
    Would you like to exchange Friend Codes? I'm looking for Flying type Safaris.

    Mine is 4296-3230-7210 and is apparently Fighting-type, with Tyrogue.
    I'd like to trade Vivillon with you! I can provide Icy Snow and Polar in exchange for your High Plains and Tundra, so if that works for you, my FC is 4699-6589-8963. I've already added your FC from the post :)
    Thank you for the trades! If you're ever looking for something feel free to message me and I'll let you know what I can do!
    Hey I saw you respond to Lennongrad that you have starters to trade. I'm trying to collect all of them right now and was wondering if you're looking for something specific
    I can't seem to get anything worked out with the individual I was supposed to be trading with. Do you think we could trade instead? I apologize that all I can offer you as of right now is a Heart Scale. I still haven't finished the game >_<
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