• Snowy challenges a fellow Firebrand. Watch here as he competes for his third Gym Badge.
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  • My pleasure of course I value you too. :) I wouldn't say you're needy. It's a base want in most humans, and that's the want of cooperation, diversity, and exploration. And I think you deserve all you want. And that you rock all the way. ^^
    Awww, I don't think you lack anything. I think you're awesome no matter what and deserve no depression.
    Hey Pokiefan09!!! Happy New Year's Eve to you! I pray everything's going nicely with you because you deserve the best.
    Hey buddy!! You're so awesome and I wish you a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas. I hope it's an awesome one.
    Better than before I would say. I am back at home but sharing a bedroom now which I don't really mind at all. The situation with me moving is up in the air still but possible depending on how things work out so for the time being I am at home. Right now the weather is horrible and the Pacific Northwest is in a deep freeze but luckily I am warm right now.
    Hey PokieFan!! I'm very thankful to be your friend on this Thanksgiving/Turkey Day as ever I am, and I hope you enjoy it immensely. I wish you a very happy one indeed. :>
    The trailer thing did not work out so I am sharing a bedroom with my little brother right now. Its not really all that bad considering that we get along well and that most of my stuff is still packed up and stored away. I already told a friend of mine in town that I would not be leaving for Chicago until August and it was great news for them apparently and its great news for me too as I was not quite ready to leave town just yet. My relations with my stepdad have improved greatly and I am quite happy about it as well.
    Hey Pokie, let me know when you're going to be around the #pokefriends chat. I'd like to talk to you again. I miss talking to you and AshTheMan. =(
    The Chicago idea fell through for now since the program that I was going to apply to is not open until August so I guess I am going back home for a while. One thing that is going to be done is that I will be living in a trailer parked in the driveway (it will be a good sized one, almost like I have my own apartment) since there are no more rooms left in the house other than the bathroom and the laundry room both of which are not suitable for anyone to live in at all.
    I am actually in talks about this and it looks like my destination will be Elmhurst Illinois which by the way is a suburb of Chicago. Its much safer than the inter city but still close enough for taking a train to get there as there are commuter trains from the suburbs and Elmhurst does have a train station. Also, 9 times out of 10 I would be able to find a job right there in town as there are businesses.
    Hello there. I'm sending out this message to keep my friends list up to date. If you respond within one week, you will remain on my friends list.
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