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Recent content by pokr5

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    Three Word Story Mk. 2

    while Pinkamena acted...
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    Your strangest experiences with Cleverbot

    SO weird.... he thinks I'M the bot. User: Do you know who chuggaaconroy is? Cleverbot: I do. Do you know who Communitychannel is ? User: No. Cleverbot: Do you know who you are? User: Of course! Cleverbot: Well, who is He? User: What do you mean? Cleverbot: Do you know Zee? User: Why...
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    Let's Plays

    What do you like about them? Who's your favorite?
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    Original: Cats tend to chew stuff that is chewy and long. Wires fit both categories. Babelfished: The cats strive chew the substance which is rubbery and long. The wires have adapted both categories.
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    What Pokémon comes to mind for the person above you?

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    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, but you are not waterproof. I wish I could turn you all into Pokemon! Mwahuahua!
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    Try Writing Your Username Using Your Elbows!!

    pokr5 Yeah!
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    The ...like a boss Game (Song Titles)

    Basically, it's like the ...in my pants Game on here, just with the phrase "like a boss" from 'Like a boss' by lonely island. Just take a song name, then add the phrase like a boss to it. Poker Face...like a boss
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    "...in my pants" [Song Title Ver]

    Like a Boss ...in my pants.
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    If You Laugh You Lose! V.2

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    Another Word Game

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    The ^ < V Game

    ^ is a dragon buster < is stumped about ^'s < section. V is a My Little Pony fan.
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    Three Word Story Mk. 2

    ...that turns everyone...
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    Three Word Story Mk. 2

    ...can turn back...
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    Three Word Story Mk. 2

    ...type pokemon. And