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Recent content by Politoed666

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    Requested Bots & Templates

    Does this still need to be stickied? No activity for over a year.
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    Bulbapedia Japanese cards to English card images.

    As far as uploading over a certain card image goes, it's true that quality of scan comes before language. If you can get an English scan of equal or better quality than the Japanese one, by all means go ahead. However, if it's not of such quality, please don't. The exception, as far as I'm...
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    Archives Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    What is going on here? Tried to upload a new version of the file, which looks like this, and all it did was stretch out the old file. Any ideas? I've always had issues with the Archives, and I'm never sure if it's something I'm doing or if the system just lags because it's really, really...
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    IMO stickies should usually be important things that people actually discuss. Something like this should go on a policy page, perhaps, seeing as it's important but not generating much discussion.
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    Okay, this hasn't been touched in, like, a year... And we have far too many stickied threads. Hence, destickying.
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    I also think it would be acceptable... Aside from the fact that there's a temporary ban on adding any trivia.
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    Bulbapedia MD2's Elemental Collectibles

    Yeah, I have it as well. There's a chance I'll be able to do it at somepoint, but also a chance I won't.
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    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    At the moment, Sunny Day doesn't seem to be having a problem. Thunderbolt, however, still is.
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    Bulbapedia Separate pages for IQ skills

    Ah. Perhaps this is why you've been reverted... As you say yourself, a large portion of the changes you're suggesting are, in fact, "strategy" tips. Bulbapedia is not a walkthrough; our aim is not to help players of the games by telling them what to do or not do. Rather, Bulbapedia is a...
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    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    What the fuck? Yeah, I was like "it's definitely the kid's computer." Then I tried it, and sure enough... won't load. On FireFox or Explorer. Weird. Deth, or somebody else with technical powers? Any idea what on earth is wrong with "Thunderbolt?" It's the only page affected...
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    Most annoying battle?

    Cynthia. Fucking Garchomp...
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    Orre - Main Series? Or Side Game?

    Okay, I'm sick of seeing this thread here. The votes are cast, and most of the staff happens to be on one side, IIRC. Case closed. *click*
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    Bulbapedia Separate pages for IQ skills

    Okay, I've refreshed my memory a little bit, and I'm going to say that, yes, IQ skills should have separate pages. They absolutely should have separate pages... who reverted you on that the first time, or poo-poo'd that idea? I'll consult my PMD strategy guides later and make some lists... Are...
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    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    *ignore me*
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    Bulbapedia Separate pages for IQ skills

    I've probably done more on Mystery Dungeon than anyone else on staff, but that was awhile ago... I still retain a lot of knowledge about the games, though. I'll take a look later, gotta run.