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Pory gone?
Last Activity:
Jul 21, 2017 at 8:20 PM
Jul 10, 2015
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Dec 14, 1993 (Age: 23)
Shattered Skies
Registered Nurse, PhD Student

Pory gone?


The Apparel Shop Theme from Sun/Moon is my life right now. Feb 10, 2017

Pory gone? was last seen:
Jul 21, 2017 at 8:20 PM
    1. Pory gone?
      Pory gone?
      The Apparel Shop Theme from Sun/Moon is my life right now.
    2. FinalArcadia
      Mafia games are in the Fun & Games section, in a sub-section called "The War Room." I think a Super Smash Bros.-themed game will be going up for sign-ups soon, and there's also a Pirate one right now too! Each day phase is usually 48 hours, so there's a decent amount of time to check in and post!
    3. FinalArcadia
      This site has a really nice mafia community, if you're interesting there's a game with sign-ups open now!
      That's nice that you're able to find a good variety in your area then! 50 Pokemon or so seems pretty good if only the Kanto ones are in the game so far. No plans for a new phone, but I might have to cave in and get a bigger micro SD card haha.
    4. FinalArcadia
      Sorry this is late, I get lots of alerts from mafia games and then I miss stuff. >< Nice to see another Popplio fan, it seems like the least popular from what I can tell, but its so cute... My phone's storage prevents me from Pokemon Go (FFRK and FFBE are all I play on it). Are you playing it? Any luck with good Pokemon?
    5. Pory gone?
    6. FinalArcadia
      That's good then! The fee isn't too bad plus I think the subscription lasts a year, so it sounds pretty nice. I like Litten a lot, but if those rumored "leaked" concept art for the evolutions are real, I'd probably go for Popplio instead. All the starters are cool this generation, so I'm kind of open to all of them though. Which do you plan to pick?
    7. FinalArcadia
      I think to transfer any Pokemon from pre-3DS games to the 3DS ones, the only method is Pokemon Bank. For a little while after X/Y's release it was free, but I'm pretty sure now that paying the subscription fee and moving things through that and the Pokemon Transporter app is the only way unfortunately. Hopefully there's another free period with S/M's release though! And it only requires one 3DS to do it.
    8. FinalArcadia
      That is a good question, I'm torn because I like the Moon more than the Sun and like the purple color scheme of Lunaala... BUT I really love Steel-type, which makes Sun appealing for Solgaleo. I wish we knew more version exclusives, but I might lean toward Sun for now! How about you?
    9. FinalArcadia
      No problem, hello again!! Yeah, I took a break from here for a while too after the forum switch, so I understand! Its good timing to come back for all the Sun/Moon excitement, especially with all the rumors and leaks and what-not haha.
    10. Pory gone?
      Pory gone?
      "Please tell me the answer, is fate unchangeable?"
    11. Pory gone?
      Pory gone?
      Target destroyed! There he is! We have Mobius 1 on radar!
    12. FinalArcadia
      This is super late, but hi! I always love seeing fellow FFX fans!!
    13. nghiavip408
      Well, there have some *of course*. But I can go over there for some reason.
    14. nghiavip408
      Well about me, I already visit Chine, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. Those are most closest country I can only visit during summer vacation. Too bad that they don't have beach to swimming and visit like another popular country.
    15. nghiavip408
      I was in Thailand too, about 2 year ago during my summer vacation. That was a quite good place to visit for vacation :D. I never visit Japan, even though it is not too far from my country, because I can't speak Japan :(.

      How many country do you ever visit ?
    16. nghiavip408
      Just go around China and bought some sourvenir, that all. Do you ever visit China before ?
    17. nghiavip408
      Really? My summer vacation is so bored. What do you have in your vacation ? Visit nowhere ?
    18. nghiavip408
      Hey Ben, long time no see :-| How is your summer vacation ?
    19. Missingno. Master
      Missingno. Master
      Yeah, it does! :D
    20. nghiavip408
      I think your cat is domestic short-hair or perhap is british short-hair :> . I have a dog in the past and bird in this time.
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    Dec 14, 1993 (Age: 23)
    Shattered Skies
    Registered Nurse, PhD Student
    Favorite Generation:
    Generation II (Game Boy Color)
    Favorite Pokémon:
    Favorite Pokémon Type:
    Favorite Region:
    Johto / Jōto
    Favorite Gym Badge:
    Blackthorn City Rising Badge
    Nintendo Network ID:
    3DS Friend Code:
    Hello! I am an former Pokemaniac who hasn't played the games after Black/White, but is getting back into it with Sun and Moon! Feel free to send me a message and chat, I love to meet new people!

    I'm also on the VGCollect.com forums, where I'm much more active. I do a lot of video game database work and editing over there, it's a great site if you like video game collecting. :)

    Other favorite franchises
    Silent Hill
    Ace Combat
    Mega Man Battle Network

    Other interests
    Reading, basketball, video game collecting, secular humanism, nursing, nursing research

    [​IMG] Have you seen me? - Lost on the internet. :(


    "Did you know...there are three kind of aces?
    Those who seek strength, those who live for pride, and those who can read the tide of battle.
    Those are the three. And him, he was a true ace."