• NMLewis challenges his second Gym Leader. Watch here as he explores a partially lit cave and challenges some trainers on the beach.
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  • It's the day of your birth! Or is it the birth of your day? What if nothing existed until you were born, and you are the only sentient person in existence?
    There's an xkcd comic for that, but I don't remember the title...
    To check Signature sizes, you can use Properties (through right-click) on the images with Internet Explorer, Inspect Element with Google Chrome, or GIMP with text-only size checks.

    Google Chrome is easier for checking height of a signature with the "signature container" line on Inspect element. Width normally relies on GIMP if the text is longer than the image itself. gifs' file size normally is easiest with Properties on Internet Explorer.

    Only two browsers I know how to check with.
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