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  • Ah, that's cool.

    Our show is so easy this year. I memorized the entire first part in under 10 minutes.
    It's alright. I'll be okay :) and why's that? I feel like our band camp is unnaturally early, and yet there are still bands that start before us o_O

    RP's are fun. I was only ever in, like, 2, and they both died. :/
    I'm alright. Been going through a rough breakup recently, but we're friends still, and I got band camp in two weeks, which is something to look forward to! What about you?

    What section do you mod, if you mind me asking?

    Just when I thought I had had gotten over Disney Channel, I had to go and see the cuteness in your signature.
    I still wonder how you're able to just post on a phone withotu getting annoyed xD
    I remember th Beautel just cause of how different it is lol

    Also got any pics of the trip? :O
    All right, :eek: I think I got a good character for that. On that note, mind if I make it relate more to the overall plot a little bit? xD like there's an alliance of three rogue groups that was hinted at before and I was wondering if hazel's mother's group (what's her name again?) could be one of them.
    All right, how many people do you want accompanying her? Poor Kai D: and Ant I guess
    All right, I guess it works to start of with that. And we said tht she was going ot have people working for her right? And yeah I figured Ant would it go, I do expect Hazel to throw some jokes at the group that is going
    How were we going to start it again? Also would Hazel and Ant go to the con or stay back. That's odd o.o it's pretty early.
    Well since you're back now I guess we can do it after the con thing, I had planned another sort of mini arc but since you're here and you have time we should make use of that xD

    Yeah, if you can't drink there's not much you can do in latin america :eek: at least at night.
    Who knew that keeping mental notes on the characters would come in handy someday. Anyways I was actually going to skip soon, the group is going to the bh equivalent of a comic con after the next skip. Well, sort of, those that want to go will go and those that don't will be taking care of a "cat"

    So how was the trip? did you like PR?
    Well youd din't really miss much. After you left we just finished with that other mission and the other group came back and then they all talked to Rick's sister Ammy (Hazel did too and talked to Rick as per your request) then Lovo and Lyra left and th group threw a party at the cafe, Hazel was assigned as a bouncer (so I haven't really been using her th elast couple of days) and ant as an assistant bar tender. I really have tried not to use them too much but enough for them to stay relatively relevant xD

    Oh and gibs is in bh now *whistles and moves away* he's been good.
    Aww, I love this! That hair was probably spot-on two or three years ago when you drew it, and it's still pretty close to what it's like now (I actually think it's gotten rougher and messier over the past few years...). So don't worry, I do enjoy it, immensely. Now I just need to remember how to make a profile picture...

    Upon further inspection... why am I wearing freaking shorts?? Ugh! And why do they have spots on them???
    Awesome. Just post it here or a PM whenever you've got it, I don't care which one you prefer. Thanks again!
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